Cloud Cult Mixes Music and Live Art

Cloud Cult has been making music since 1995. Singer and founder, Craig Minowa, has evolved the band into something far greater than the solo project he began so long ago. The, now, 8 piece band is made of strings, percussion, horns, and live art. Craig and his wife, Connie, create original pieces of art on stage during each bands performance. Not only will the beautiful music bring you in but the live experience this band provides is not to be missed.

Check out the video:

Cloud Cult – Running with the Wolves from Eric Power on Vimeo.

The opening band is such a treat. Mimicking Birds play and sing with such a beautiful crispness that it is by far worth it to show up early. You can stream their entire new album on their website here
September 22. Doors at 8:00. Tickets are $14 advance and $16 at the door. Click on the flyer to purchase tickets.