Rocky Needs Your Help!

We’re signing up 125 volunteers to help collect names, emails, hand out wristbands, and to supervise and coordinate the people breaking the Guinness World Record for doing the Time Warp. Volunteers must be available 6-11pm this Sunday, October 31, 2010 and be able to get to West Hollywood, CA for the Halloween Carnaval.

Here’s how the night breaks down:

Volunteers will meet at The Roxy Theatre at 6pm. They will be given wristbands and a form to be filled in by the Time Warpers that includes their name, email, and signature.
Volunteers are responsible for collecting at least 75 names and giving out wristbands accordingly.
20 volunteers will be given colored flags to gather Time Warpers.
5 volunteers per flag are need to supervise and verify that people are dancing the Time Warp for the entire song.
Names will be gathered throughout the night from 7-10pm.

Volunteers will be given a sweet Sunset Strip package with goodies from their favorite Sunset Spots.

Sign Up Here:

Learn the steps: