Selena Gomez ROX

Last night was a star studded night for The Roxy Theatre. Unicef’s annual Trick or Treat charity concert with Selena Gomez was held here and it sent us all in a tizzy all day. The fans lined up as early as they could get out of school and spent most of the day screaming about Selena. Fans dressed up, sang along, and waited anxiously to see their dreams come true.

The doors finally opened at 5:00 and adoring fans came through the door only to meet their favorite singer, Selena Gomez. The event streamed live as people all over the world tuned in to the see the pop star’s smiling face. They all got to their seats where the most adorable pizza party you have ever seen took place.

All-Star Weekend opened up the night and rocked it before Selena took the stage. They screamed, they cried, they stood up in their seats, and sang at the top of their lungs. Gomez and The Scene played their first acoustic show ever and fans loved it. The night hit a real high-point when she brought adorable fan on stage to sing “A Year Without Rain” Check it out:

The night came to an end but only after Selena divulged her love for fried green pickles from Hooter’s and brought a fan on stage who managed to convince her mother to take her there for Selena Gomez’s favorite snack. Who knew they had more than wings?

We loved our night with Unicef, Selena Gomez, and the amazing fans. If you have any more photos please feel free to share them with us and they just might get posted here!