We’re On The Witch Hunt

October 29, 2010, four amazing bands take the stage. Nico Vega, Saint Motel, Imagine Dragons, and Queen Caveat. These bands are no strangers to The Roxy Theatre and come in as some of our faves.
The theme of the night is The Witch Hunt. The bands are honoring people who died for what they believed in and are encouraging YOU, yes you, to dress up in the likes of early American witch hunts or as someone who has persecuted for what they believed in. Talk about standing up for your morals, this is great!

This show is, in fact, so good that it needed at trailer.

Check it out:

Nico Vega’s latest “Million Years”

Saint Motel “Butch”

Imagine Dragons “America”

Queen Caveat – “Let It Fall”

Tickets are $13.50 and will be available at the door!