Snowflakes In West Hollywood

The psych-delicate sounds of Portland Oregon’s, The Pink Snowflakes, are making their way to The Sunset Strip Sunday, November 14, with Adam Darling, Ray Gun Radio, Brandon Ashley, Liza Dubrow, and Dreamkiller.

There’s no denying that the indie scene has been greatly leaning towards classic rock and The Pink Snowflakes take it there. One thing you can definitely expect with their live show is full on psychedelic props on stage. Think black lights, unicorns, bubbles. Awesome. The band inspires art work wherever they go and fans come up with some of the most amazing psychedelic art. We’ll be running a contest at the show. The fan who makes the best piece of psychedelic art and brings it to the show will win a Pink Snowflakes tee!
See more of their fan inspired art/flyers here.

Trip out a bit and dream of Ice Cream

Liza Dubrow opens the evening with her pop rock sounds. Liza (pronounced like Liza Minelli, don’t get it wrong, she’ll cut ya) is full of catch choruses and riffs and that make you move. Think Katy Perry mashed up with Avril Lavigne and 90’s Natalie Imbruglia to create a unique singer/songwriter sound.

Check her out:

Adam Darling first learned how to play the guitar when he was 12 years old and his father taught him Jimi Hendrix. He has studied jazz in college and is most passionate about blues, jazz, rock, soul, and hip hop. He moved to Los Angeles to make his dreams of becoming a musician come true.

Ray Gun Radio is from Silverlake, CA and tags themselves as “High octane rock with Texas swing” Sounds promising, no?
Find out for yourself here.

Brandon Ashley brings electro rock to the night with his Velvet Underground, David Bowie, and The Doors. He played with his band under the name Brandon Ashley and The Silverbugs and opened for Iron Maiden in 2009.

MUSIC VIDEO: Brandon Ashley, “My Decadent Thursday” from Chad Michael Ward on Vimeo.

Dreamkiller is a concept band that brings the idea of a rock musical together with actual rock. Lead singer Christy was nominated as LA Music Awards’ Best Female Vocal of 2010. Listen to those vocals here.