With Heavy Hearts

Last night, an unimaginable tragedy hit our Sunset Strip and Roxy Family. A young woman who was crossing the street at the light at Hammond and Sunset was unfortunately struck and killed in the crosswalk by a hit and run motorist. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the young woman who was killed. Many of our friends and employees are also deeply saddened by these events and our thoughts are with them as well. We are working with the Sheriff and the city to provide any assistance necessary, as this is still an ongoing investigation. Anyone who has any information, please contact the West Hollywood Sheriff at 310-855-8850. We work with our neighboring businesses, The Sunset Strip Business Association and the city to make Sunset Blvd safe for EVERYONE. In all my 37 years of being here at The Roxy, I have seen a lot but nothing like the unthinkable tragedy that happened last night. Again, to the family and friends of the victim, we have you deep in our hearts and loud in our prayers. Please everyone take a moment and send positive thoughts their way in this time of devastating tragedy.

Nic Adler and The Roxy Family