Big Noise Residency

What sounds like the most intense drum circle you have ever heard, looks a bit like The Clash, and feels like a bulldozer is about to knock over the building? That, friends, is Street Drum Corps. What has been referred to as the “punk rock Stomp” is making its way to The Roxy Theatre for a very special 4 week residency November 16, 23, 30, and December 7. These next four Tuesdays are going to rock so hard your head will spin.

Street Drum Corps is strictly percussion. Brothers Adam and Bobby Alt started playing together when they were 10 years old. They wanted to start banging on anything they could, as most kids do, when they learned how to play drums. Awesome, right? Their poor parents. Turns out they were doing something right. They met Frank Zummo in LA who was playing in a “trashcan band” along the East Coast touring as “Re:Percussion”. Good thing Frank had the same drive as Adam and Bobby. The trio focused on playing what felt good and seeing what sounds could come from unique percussion instruments and haven’t looked back.

The band has since tackled Warped Tour, Taste of Chaos, Coachella, and Projekt Revolution and continue to take on audiences worldwide. Most recently, they played multiple dates at this year’s Knott’s Scary Farm to huge crowds each night.

The nights at The Roxy are guaranteed to be star-studded evenings with the first night, November 16, featuring special guests Tommy Lee, Adrian Young, and Chris Hesse amongst others. If this is what the opening night has to offer, just imagine what kind of surprises are going to pop up the next three.

Street Drum Corps put on a show like none other featuring all kinda of different percussion instruments including hand drums, buckets, kitchenware, recycled aluminum garbage cans, marching band equipment, a Moog Theremin and more. The live experience is full of effects that will provide you with enough eye candy to make them fall right out of the sockets. These shows will tingle your senses and should not be missed.

November 16 with Pigeons featuring Cisco Adler, Juke Kartel, Rugged Dance Company

November 23 with Caroline D’Amore + more TBA

November 30 with Stab City, Kaura, A Living Daylight

December 7 with Electric Valentine, New Regime, End of Ever