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We’re hosting a night full of LA locals including The Bolts, Xyzyx, Run Devil Run, Rue Lynx, and Sexbeef on December 4. This night is sure to rock your socks off!

The Bolts are making their mark on Southern California faster than lightning (wah-wah). With their first demo recorded hitting KROQ, they definitely proved they weren’t going away any time soon. The band proves that DIY rock is still alive and well. They are unsigned and still getting gigs at some of the hottest spots in the area including residencies at Disneyland.
Check it:

Xyzyx is coming to the Roxy to party! Not only is this an awesome show but Xyzyx’s guitarist Pauly X is celebrating a birthday. The band is a bit like Weezer meets the Foo Fighters with the stage presence of Spinal Tap. Hello, let’s turn it to 11! These guys are a 5-piece who have played On the Rox numerous times. Check them out as they take the main stage.

Run Devil Run are no strangers to The Sunset Strip and they’re making their final LA appearance at The Roxy. Now, if you pay attention at all to this band, you know they love to do viral videos. They made a hilarious one to promote their last show of the year. Watch the video and try to not feel bad about missing this show.

Listen to the rest of the night below:
Rue Lynx


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Doors at 7:15. For tickets call the Roxy Box Office at 310-278-9457.