Review: Street Drum Corps

By: Brent X Mendoza

Photo: TDUB

Tuesday, November 23 Street Drum Corps performed the second show of their four date engagement at The Roxy Theatre. Midway through their residency, the L.A. based collective is continuing to draw bigger and bigger crowds as word spreads about their impressive, percussive performances and roster of special guests.

Formed by rock drummers Bobby Alt (S.T.U.N., Faculty X), Adam Alt (Circus Minor), and Frank Zummo (The Start) the trio has quickly built a name for themselves touring as part of Linkin Park’s Projekt Revolution, the Van’s Warped Tour, Taste of Chaos, and 30 Seconds to Mars’ Into The Wild Tour.

With a resume like this under their belt, there could be no skimping on production when bringing a theatric performance of this magnitude to Hollywood. Fans of SDC came expecting a show and that’s exactly what they got.

Big Noise began with exactly that; a bang, as the curtain opened revealing a dramatic scene of what looked like some post-apocalyptic, industrial wasteland. Three full size drum kits littered the stage, along with graffitied oil drums and numerous video monitors, whose synchronized visuals set the mood for the night’s continuously shifting players and ever evolving rhythms.

Playing a hybrid of punk meets rave style electronica, the beats over the course of the performance swelled and grew increasingly intense and intricate as the group incorporated more and more of their homemade industrial noisemakers; at one point even utilizing participants from the audience to help support props such as pipes and trash can lids.

Sparks literally flew as the night wore on and the trio was joined on stage by numerous celebrity percussionists that included Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), Tony Hajjar (At The Drive In/Sparta), and John Sawicki (STOMP); all of which thrilled the audience doing what they do best, showing off their skilled sense of timing and rhythm.

With only two shows left in their residency, don’t miss Street Drum Corps’ Big Noise when they return on Tuesday, Nov 30 and December 7. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are a wallet friendly $10.