An Appointment With Dr. Octagon

The Ultramagnetic MC, Kool Keith plays December 5 with King Fantastic, J*DaVeY, and Le Vice.

Kool Keith has been making rhymes since 1984 and has gone by enough names to make your head spin. His real name is Keith Matthew Thorton. He was was one of the founding members of Ultramagnetic MCs. After their second and third albums flopped, he released the solo album “Earth People” in 1995 under the name Dr. Octagon. He followed up his first solo album as Dr. Octagonecologyst and then released his third solo album “Sex Style” as Kool Keith. Got it? Ok, let’s keep going. In 1998 he released the album “First Come, First Served” where Dr. Octagon was killed off in the first track making way for Dr. Dooom. Dr. Dooom then became Black Elvis the following year with the album of the same name.

In 2002 came “The Ressurection of Dr. Octagon.” The year after he formed the group KHM and changed their name to The Claiborne Family by their second release. The album “Nogatco Rd.” came in April 2006 under the name Mr. Nogatco. Later that year the official follow up to Dr. Octagonecologyst came with “The Return of Dr. Octagon.”

Whew. Wrap your brain around that and let’s keep calling him Kool Keith.

Keith is on a search for the hottest female DJ to tour with him in 2011. Bring your CD or video to the show and you might be selected to tour with Dr. Octagon, Black Elvis, himself next year!

King Fantastic

Why? Where? What? from King Fantastic on Vimeo.


J*DaVeY “Slooow” from JackBrookSOCKETUMi on Vimeo.

Le Vice

Le Vice from justyna kornacka on Vimeo.

Doors open at 8:30 and tickets can be purchased through our box office at 310-278-9457 or online here.