Sunset Strip Rockerz

The Sünset Strip Röckerz are taking over the Roxy on January 6. Don’t miss this first show of 2011. It’ll be 1.5 hours of eyeliner, leather, and full-throttle hair metal~!! The band features Kirsten Rosenberg (THE IRON MAIDENS), Philip Bynoe (EX-STEVE VAI BAND), Sev Reed (GLAM RACKETT), and Linda McDonald (THE IRON MAIDENS).

The Sünset Strip Röckerz are a classy, aggressive tribute to the best sights, sounds, and shows of the 80s hard rock and metal era. Join them on January 6th for the camaraderie and good times as they hammer out the tunes of GnR, Mötley, Quiet Riot, Cinderella, Poison, Def Leppard, Maiden, etc. Nothing beats a night out on the Sunset Strip with some classic 80s hard rock among friends.

Tickets available at the Roxy Theatre Box Office.