Roxy Spotlight Showcase

This Friday, February 4, we’re bringing some our favorite Los Angeles locals to the limelight.

Redstone Hall‘s original sound is based on a foundation of classic rock, but it incorporates an exciting array of contemporary rock, pop, and jam ingredients. They deliver a fresh and modern take on the styles established by the greats that the guys grew up listening to and studying. The songwriting is both melodic and eclectic, with a surprisingly unique sound that will immediately stick with you. They recently returned from their first national tour, but the boys got their start playing venues in the greater Los Angeles area where they became known for their improvisational jamming and energetic live sets.

Rabbits Running is an international rock-dance duo based out of Hollywood. The combination of American singer-songwriter Robbie Fitzsimmons and British producer/drummer Darren McGrath successfully merges primal dance beats with the raw organic power of a live rock show to create a new dynamic musical experience. Supporting a demo-EP (available for free at Rabbits Running have firmly established themselves as one of the most ambitious premier headlining acts of 2011.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, New Kingdom is a group of four young talented musicians whose collaboration of electrifying styles coalesces to create an unprecedented sound. Consisting of the charismatic Noah King on vocals, Oren Yoel on keys, Joe Rausch on bass, and Evan Turner on drums, New Kingdom‘s songs contain raw elements from a multitude of genres such as rock, soul, pop, funk, and sexy. Drawing from great influences of decades past, while hungry for what can be done to push boundaries for the future of music, New Kingdom has developed a sound that cannot be categorized. New Kingdom‘s high energy live performances have been showcased across Los Angeles since 2008, sharing bills with such acts as Asher Roth, Janelle Monae, B.o.B, and Saul Williams. Concertgoers all over Los Angeles have experienced these live shows over the past two years and the following continues to grow. The band has now recorded and finished their first product, an EP called “Naked Time” and is greatly looking forward to the days ahead.

The Yellows are four well-dressed high-school juniors of dubious personal hygiene. Purveyors of aggressive, tuneful guitar-driven pop that is alternately sweet and discordant, their high energy shows make for live fireworks. The Yellows songs have the power to make you want to dance with your sister.

After a brief hiatus, Lido Beach is back in action. Fronted by former City Drive (We the People/Sony Records) bassist Scott Waldman, Lido Beach combines a high-energy stage show with a blend of catchy, melodic alternative-rock. With the help of a series of unique guerrilla promotional tactics, Lido Beach recently completed a successful string of coast-to-coast shows. Now that the wheels are back in motion, Lido Beach isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Tickets are available through the Roxy box office at 310-278-9457. Doors are at 7:15