New Music Seminar 2011

New Music Seminar is set for February 14-16 and will open the doors to new possibilities in the music industry. The conference is non-genre specific so regardless of where you are heading, you’ll find something that fits. With the control artists have over their own career these days, NMS is a perfect event for anyone trying to break into the business.

Two of the NMS events will be held at The Roxy. February 15 is the “Artist On the Verge” Finals with Nylon Pink, Mike Del Rio, Shinobi Ninja, and The Daylights at 8:00pm. February 16 is the NMS closing party featuring The Smiles, Sean Butler, The Well Reds, and Bop Skizzum.

New Music Seminar is offering The Roxy audience buy one get one & a chance to win a free John Lennon inspired Epiphone guitar!

You can register for the seminar here and click on “partner discount” and enter this code: NMSLASE2322