Q&A with Hunter Valentine

By: Brent X Mendoza

Saturday, February 19 raucous femme fatales Hunter Valentine share top billing with L.A.’s own 100 Monkeys on a night chock-full of rock n’ roll’s hottest talent. Before their big show, the Canadian trio, front woman Kiyomi M, bassist/keyboardist Adrienne Lloyd, and drummer Laura Petracca, spoke with The Roxy from their squeaky clean touring van about love on the road, Toronto tourist attractions, and strip club detours. Here’s what the lovely ladies had to say…

Sooo… every band’s favorite question; Hunter Valentine, what does it mean? What’s the origin?

Kiyomi: Hunter Valentine is actually a complex mathematical equation, and if you can solve the equation you’ll figure out the way into each of our hearts.

Laura: Here’s a hint, enter into your calculator: 58008

Any big plans for Valentine’s Day?

Kiyomi: Get drunk with my band mates and listen to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on repeat while crying about love.

Laura: After the 23rd rotation of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, I plan on grabbing Kiyomi and Adrienne and convincing them to come to a strip club with me.

Adrienne: I’ve spent the last six consecutive Valentine’s Days playing shows with Kiyomi and Laura. It seems like they have their own plans for how we’re spending the day this year, but I thought we were driving from Oklahoma City to El Paso for the tour we’re on. I guess we’re looking for a Texas strip club that plays Bonnie Tyler on repeat.

Is it hard to date, maintain a relationship when you’re a touring band?

Kiyomi: At first I didn’t think it was hard, but with any amount of distance and time between two people, you’re going to need a lot of trust. And it’s hard to find somebody who is capable of that trust.

Adrienne: I think that’s pretty hard in general, so I guess I’d say yes. But for me, being on tour is the easy part; being home at this point makes me feel restless more than being on tour.

Laura: Yes, that’s why I’m single and have decided to have a girlfriend in every city instead.

Does Toronto have a thriving music scene? What other Toronto based bands should we be looking out for? Ever visit the CN Tower?

Kiyomi: Toronto has a very thriving and active music scene. We have bands like Dance Yourself to Death, Clothes Make the Man, and People You Know, all bands that we love playing with and that you should definitely look out for.

Adrienne: Toronto is where each of us grew up, and also where I consider we grew up as a band. Just around the time when I started playing in HV, was when Toronto indie labels like Arts and Crafts and Six Shooter Records started doing amazing things with Toronto’s music community.

Laura: I’ve been to the CN Tower many times… I feel a little intimidated by its size; it makes me question my manhood.

Do chicks keep a cleaner tour bus than dudes?

Kiyomi: Well…if by bus you mean van, then yes. We run a tight ship, but when your van is your house for three months, it can get messy.

Laura: I have OCD, and I’m from an Italian family; you better believe the van is clean.

Adrienne: Our van definitely develops interesting smells throughout a long tour, but Laura runs a tight ship and has car washes across America on speed dial on her phone.

Hunter Valentine plays The Roxy Theatre along with 100 Monkeys, Vanity Theft, The Ferocious Few, Blacktop Saints, Polaris at Noon, and The Harm this Saturday, February 19. Tickets are $10 adv/$12 dos. Doors open at 7:30 p.m