Vertical Horizon Brings it Back

Remember the song? You know you do. “I am everything you want, I am everything you need..” Yeah, good luck getting it out of your head.

Vertical Horizon has kept their wheels turning and has released multiple albums since their 1999 release including their latest “Burning the Days.” The band’s sound has continued to change with the times but still remains catchy. They’ve worked with some of the biggest names in music including Richard Marx and Neil Peart of Rush, to name a few.

Everything You Want:

Listen to more of the band’s singles here

Opening the night is Kill The Complex, Juke Kartel, and Me Vs. Myself.

ME VS. MYSELF “PROMISING” from Ryan Kam on Vimeo.

Come out for a night of 90’s nostalgia and find your new faves. Tickets for the March 8th show are available online here and through the Roxy box office.