5 Questions with Wicker

By: Brent X Mendoza

Tonight Wicker joins pals After Midnight Project for an evening of rock, meets everything else, youth revelry at The World Famous Roxy Theatre. Before they take the stage, see what Wicker frontman Max Nash has to say about developing their own uniquely blended, genre defying sound, and his childhood spent growing up with The Roxy in his own backyard. Here’s what he had to say…

Baskets, furniture, shoes; where does the name “Wicker” come from?

Wicker comes from my Mom’s sun porch that has always had wicker furniture; where all the songwriting began. But also, because our sound is intertwined with so many genres, like that wicker– electronic, indie and hip- hop (Electro-Indie-Hop), a mix of everything we love that’s new, but familiar; like wicker furniture.

Where, how, from whom, did you learn to speed rhyme? Ever tried to work the word “orange” into one of your rhyme schemes?

Fell in love with rap at a young age, started a hip hop crew with all my boys; and yes I’ve definitely played around with “orange”, although it hasn’t made it onto a track yet.

The band has just released its first full length, Meanest Kids In Town; as a child were you bullied or were you the meanest kid in town?

Neither. I was the kid who saved the bullied kids. Sometimes even the bullies… they were usually that way because they were socially tortured. I was the one who said, “Let’s work it out. This kid’s dad owns a gas station and we can get free cigarettes, and that kid has a sick house to party in; let’s work together.”

Your style has been self-described as “electro, indie, hip-hop.” What artist from each of those three genres is your biggest influence?

Well, it’s hard to narrow it down, so I’ll just throw out a couple for each….

Electro – Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Breakbot
Indie – Paper Rival, Manchester Orchestra, Citizen Cope
Hip Hop – Gym Class Heroes (older), Sublime, Lil Weezy, Big L, and of course all of Em’s older stuff. I loved that shit.

You grew up in the hills above The Roxy. Do you remember the first show you attended at The Roxy?

Well, it’s a little fuzzy because I’ve been to so many great shows there by now, but the one that really stands out was The Pharcyde. I had way too much fun that night.


KROQ Locals Only Presents Wicker tonight at The Roxy Theatre along with After Midnight Project, Power, Beta State, and Broadawake. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10.