FREE Show Monday

That’s right! We know you love them and we have one for you this upcoming Monday, March 14!
Gemini Syndrome will be playing a show along with Silence Betrayed, Shuvel, and All Hail the Yeti and the show’s free if you’re 21 and over! For the kiddies, we won’t break your wallet and you can still get in for 3 bucks.
Metal Army America and Coffin Case are supporting the show for this Official Metal Army America Night and will be streaming live!

Check out Gemini’s new EP available now!
So get your metal gear ready and head down to The Roxy for a night with Metal’s rising bands!

Gemini Syndrome– 10:30
All Hail The Yeti – 9:45
Shuvel – 9:00
Silence Betrayed – 8:15

Doors open at 8:00