Electro Rox

Join The Roxy on Tuesday, March 29 at 7:15pm, for a night of collective genres that come together for a lineup of electro, house, and even R&B.

Zemaria, a group that originated in Vitória, Brazil, captivates an audience with their retro-house rhythms. The four piece band is known for channeling electro and rock beats, easily seducing a listening ear with their energizing sound. Dance, sway, or rock out to Zemaria.

When you combine a mixture of whispered sassy vocals and raw guitar strums, you get Paige Wood. The indie-pop artist joins the Roxy from New York, New York, to charm listeners of all sorts. Wood’s longing voice and unique sound will draw you in.

Nenna Yvonne brings together a fun and modern twist to electro -pop music by adding a touch of R&B. Also from New York, New York, Nenna is well known for her “diverse” and seductive sound. Nenna has been stirring up a buzz with her latest single “Go Around”, so come see what she’s all about!

Clever and serene, Elisabeth Ashley allures listeners with pop-rock. Los Angeles, California grown, Elisabeth represents cool club music and airy vocals that have been appealing to locals as well as newcomers.

An intriguing blend of emotronic, electronica, and pop makes up the group, The Electrolightz. The Electrolightz, a group formed in North Hollywood, stirs in a wave of smooth electronic beats and quick-rhythmic rhymes in their vocals.

Doors for the night open at 7:15pm and tickets will be available at the box office by calling 310-278-9457 or at the door.