Judgment Day Q&A

By: Brent X Mendoza

It’s the final countdown! That’s right, take heed all you good and decent people, because the end of days is upon us, and we’re going out with a bang! Our good friends Saint Motel are “ringing in the rapture” this Judgment Day, Saturday, May 21, on stage at The Roxy Theatre.

Not sure what the hell we’re talking about? Well, to shed light on this show of biblical proportions, Saint Motel front man A/J Jackson phoned The Roxy offices directly from his doomsday Winnebago to spread “the good news.” Here’s what he had to say…

So for those people who haven’t yet heard, what’s up with this whole judgment day/rapture thing?

Well, according to specific groups of people, in particular Family Radio, judgment day is this Saturday, May 21… supposedly it’s the anniversary of Noah’s Ark, and there are enough proofs in the Bible to guarantee it 100 percent.

We first found these people (Project Caravan) in Washington D.C. in December, and then again in New York, and then again in L.A., and we just thought it was too interesting not to get involved with them.

We decided to throw kind of a celebration to bring in the end of the world; cause it feels like one of the biggest historic… like a really well organized apocalyptic moments, since sort of the whole Y2K thing.

I just love when people think the world is going to end. It’s always kind of funny, cause you can never really tell them they’re wrong…

And the band actually traveled around caravanning with these “judgment day” messengers?

A little bit, yes. They’re coming back to L.A., and we’re actually going to have one of them hosting the show on Saturday.

Yeah, we got to hang out with some of them… I interviewed some of them; got their take on a few things; discovered some interesting details like, a lot of them don’t know what time of day the world is going to end. Some people think it’s going to be cyclical, and it’s going to be from where the International Date Line begins and it’s going to go around the world in increments. Some people think 6 p.m. I’m not really sure why…

And one other really interesting thing, it’s already written who’s going to go “up” and who’s going to go “down.” So they’re telling you that you’re going to die, but it doesn’t really matter. There’s nothing you can do at this point to be saved.

So, it’s just sort of confusing to me, why they are then spending all this money on this advertising campaign, if it’s already been decided. But according to Brother Mike, who runs, www.may-212011.com, he says, that the act of warning people helps make “them” saved. So I guess it’s the act of getting the word out that is a righteous deed.

So has the band had any sort of negative reaction from these “doomsdayers?” I mean, I’m assuming the members you’ve been speaking too don’t really know what you’re doing is “tongue-in-cheek?”

Our experience has been that they don’t really care, because we are giving them more awareness; and their whole goal is to get the word out… So we’re helping them with that.

But we’ve had some negative reactions from our fans, and friends, and families who think that we are serious. And some people are legitimately scared that the world is going to end, and they don’t think it’s something to celebrate.

So yeah, it hasn’t been the easiest concept, but definitely one of the more fun ones because it is kind of dangerous and highly charged… but it’s also ridiculous cause we’re not making fun of religion, or Christianity, or the Bible. We’re making fun of people, that in my mind, kind of misinterpret, or interpret things in a way that is ridiculous… but also somewhat threatening to people. I mean, they’re telling everyone that they’re going to die! Which is just so off base! And without much evidence, I mean unless you believe that they really have decoded the Bible. It deserves to be made fun of, and it deserves to be pointed out. It’s offensive to a lot of my Christian friends too…

They’re offending everybody, Christians, non-Christians, every other religion… atheists, and I think it’s kinda become… I mean, the only way to really deal with it is to think it’s funny; and you can’t take it seriously. And if they are passionate about it, “good for them,” as long as, they aren’t harming anyone else, you don’t have to really listen to them.

So when judgment day comes, where will the members of Saint Motel be going? Up or down?

We’re kind of split I think. Half the band kind of thinks the world will end; half the band thinks it won’t. So I’d say maybe a couple members will be going up and a couple members will be going down.

But according to Brother Mike again, who I interviewed, nobody knows if they are saved or not… So who knows? We’ll see. Nobody knows… except for God.

Has the band taken any precautions, made any final preparations, just in case May 21 is “the end of days?”

Well, we’ve been trying to shoot, finish one last music video before it all ends. We shot the music video out at the beach today, and got one last look at the waves. So that was nice…

Dak (bassist) talked to his family in Thailand to make sure and say “hello,” and/or “goodbye,” depending on how you look at it… Sharp (guitarist Aaron Sharp) is just trying to get better soon, he got kind of sick this week so he’s resting… and Greg (drummer Greg Erwin)… he fully doesn’t believe the world is going to end; he thinks it’s stupid, so he hasn’t done anything to prepare.

And this Saturday, what can we expect live at the show? How far are you going carry this concept?

We’re actually going to be trying out some new visuals this time, which should be cool. We’ve also got a doomsday clock counting down the minutes left, and if we hit midnight that means they’re wrong! So we’ll see!

Also, we’ve got Reverend Childs hosting, of Project Caravan; we’ve got a special guest for the encore, and we’ve got some special covers, that you know, have to do with the celebration…

And then, we made these “rapture travel kits” for those people that have VIP tickets. So we’re making those, and some other fun stuff people get for their journey into the afterlife… also a photo booth, and lots of drink specials.

Finally, assuming the rapture does come to pass, and the show abruptly comes to an end, is there any sort of refund policy?

If the world doesn’t end… then that’ll be pretty cool. No refunds.

And if the world does end, we’ll give everyone refunds. Guaranteed… by the Bible.


98.7 FM, LA Weekly, and God present Judgment Day with Saint Motel, Vanaprasta, The Hundred Days, and Queen Caveat this Saturday, May 21. Doors open at 8 p.m.

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