She Wants Revenge “Valleyheart”

It’s been four years since they dropped their last album, and She Wants Revenge is finally back with the release of their third album Valleyheart, along with the announcement of their new tour dates that included a stop at The Roxy this past Monday, May 23rd. The group gave a special sneak peak of their new material at this year’s Coachella which garnered rave reviews and was a hit among Coachella goers and fans. The duo have stated that the album title serves as a tribute for their beloved hometown of the San Fernando Valley, which also serves as a setting in the video for their single Must Be The One.

Take The World sets off the album with the haunting vocals of lead singer Justin Warfield along with the group’s signature synthesizers that help lay out the chorus. Their single Must Be The One is uplifting and melodic showcasing the duo’s romantic side not only in the heartfelt lyrics, but in their video where they give us a taste of young teenage love. The duo wrap up the album with a track a-la Depeche Mode’s early days, Maybe She’s Right, complete with haunting guitar riffs and synthesizers that give the track an edge.

The duo make their return with an album that serves refreshing and more stripped down tracks, using more of the band’s core guitar, bass and drums along with Warfield’s vocals rather than a dependence on synthesizers as in the their previous albums. Their creativity doesn’t stop at the music as the duo has even gone as far as to create ten short films that each accompany the tracks off the album.
Make sure to check out their video below for Must Be The One.

Photos from the Valleyheart release show by Erik Voake on May 23 here.