My Morning Jacket – Circuital

My Morning Jacket returns with their sixth studio album Circuital. Recorded in a church gym in the band’s hometown of Louisville, Circuital offers a mix of psychedelic rock and country inspired sounds. Each track off the album flows directly into the next, creating a cohesive experience that never pauses to take a breath.

The album starts off with Victory Dance which offers an edgy mix of loops and steady grooves matched with the vocals of front man Jim James. The track picks up a wild tempo and ends with James’ crooning as he is carried out with a steady drum beat. The album’s title track Circuital offers a 7 minute trip that isn’t shy to intensify before it comes full circle to a steady end.

The Day is Coming features quick spirited keys and equally spirited percussion, complete with a touch of strings joining the chorus. The next track Wonderful (The Way I Feel) is a serene acoustic ballad that is accompanied by James’ vocals, a sliding guitar, and the occasional appearance of strings before the track picks up the pace and transforms into a southern-inspired ballad. The energy of the album erupts with the track Holding on to Black Metal, complete with the aid of a children’s choir and bursts of horns backing up James’ signature falsetto. The track Slow Slow Tune is exactly what its title suggests: a slow ballad that doesn’t forget to showcase a dramatic guitar solo. The album winds down with the track Movin Away that delivers a soothing ballad that also keeps the serene pace as the previous track, and delicately draws the album to a close.

My Morning Jacket have created a name for themselves as progressive experimental rockers who have never failed to deliver strong live shows. Circuital shows the quintet establishing a return to form, and fills the album with winding loops, infectious hooks, and country-inspired ballads.

Check out the video for their performance of their title track Circuital on VH1’s Storytellers below!