Get Interactive at Honor Society

Honor Society fans, have we got treats for you!

First of all, how excited are you for the 6/12 show!? We know, you’re probably screaming your head off already but try to contain to take in the info we’re about to give you!

We’re going to let you be the DJ & we’re giving you the chance to win a signed tee at the show!

You can be the DJ by using PlayMySong on your iPhone. Download the app and sign in through with Facebook. When you get here, you can select “The Roxy” from locations, browse our playlist, and play the songs you want to hear between bands! You can post the song you’re playing to your Facebook/Twitter and tell all your friends. Come prepared, we want to hear what you got!

To win the signed shirt, all you have to do is share your show photos with us through LiveShare by Cooliris! Download the App “LiveShare” on your iPhone, Android, or Windows 7 phone. Find the “Honor Society Fan Photos” stream & add your photos to it! The photo with the most likes at the end of the night will win an Honor Society shirt singed by the band! Get all the info on our Facebook page

Get your phones ready to get involved at this 3rd stop of Honor Society‘s Wherever You Are Tour 2011!