Arctic Monkeys: Suck it and See

English indie rock band Arctic Monkeys release their fourth album Suck it and See. The band took a more traditional approach to recording their album by recording many live takes that gave the tracks a more “human feel” to it. Recorded in Los Angeles for a period of five weeks in January and February 2011, the band has created a more “vintage” style on the album, which means the Arctic Monkeys may in fact be returning to their roots.

“Brick by Brick” was everyone’s first taste of the vintage sound when the Arctic Monkeys suddenly dropped the track as an exclusive just a month ago. The track sets the tone with its opening guitar riffs, slamming bass guitar and driving drums, quickly establishing itself as a guitar-driven track before the Arctic Monkeys slow things down for a few bars and quickly pick up the pace for the track’s end. “Don’t Sit down ‘Cause I’ve moved your chair” is the first official single off Suck it and See, and features the heaviest guitar riff on the album. Front man Alex Turner immediately jumps in with vocals that stand out and display solid depth. The track continuously alternates between an easy pace before the band chooses to pick up the speed, ending with a hard-edged display of guitar and hard driving percussion.

Whether the Arctic Monkeys continue their vintage vibe or incorporate pop in tracks like “Library Pictures” and “Piledriver Waltz”, the display of musicianship is evident in Suck it and See, and does its best to incorporate and blend in previous sounds from their past three albums. However, this album is Arctic Monkeys predominately delivering a present vibe, and continuing to shape contemporary British rock. Check out their video for “Don’t sit down ’cause i’ve moved your chair” below!