Review: New Andy Grammer

Named one of Billboard Magazine’s artists to watch in 2011, pop balladeer Andy Grammer releases his new debut self-titled album. Grammer is no stranger to The Roxy, Having played here this past October and taking part in this year’s past Austinrox party at SXSW 2011, where he wowed the crowd with his infectious melodies and solid rhythm performance.

Much of the album is comprised of guitar and piano based tracks accompanied by a backing band that delivers the underlying funk. The album opens with Grammer’s feel good lead single “Keep your head up”, which took the radio waves by storm and has already ushered in tons of new fans for Grammer due to the songs catchy and infectious hook.

“Fine by Me” is one of many tracks off the album that features hard driving keys and pop infused melodies, while “Miss Me” slows things down for Grammer’s ballad about love and lost. “Slow” is another heartfelt ballad that has Grammer belting his heart out over heartfelt lyrics as he’s backed by heavy percussion and the ever-present piano and strings.

“Lunatic” is another encouraging feel good track similar to the upbeat vibes found on his lead single. Positive messages and heartfelt lyrics also appear on the tracks “Pocket” and “Ladies”, both quirky tunes that have Grammer singing about his search for love and encouraging the ladies to ‘shine their light’.

“Biggest Man in Los Angeles” closes out the album, and has Grammer reminiscing his days as a musician playing for the crowd at the Santa Monica Promenade, and has you reflecting with him how far he’s come, and no doubt how far he’ll continue to go.

Andy Grammer’s debut album has the smooth crooner singing witty heartfelt songs about love and life with a solid sense of rhythm, and rich set of vocals, sure to not disappoint a growing number of fans and generating a new spotlight for the pop musician.

Check out Andy Grammer’s video for his hit single “Keep Your Head Up” below, And head on over to Vevo for an awseome interactive version of the music video!

Stephanie Gomez-Roxy Contributor