5 Questions with Trapt

By: Brent X Mendoza

Saturday, July 16 catch platinum selling powerhouse Trapt as they headline The Roxy Theatre.

Touring with their latest record No Apologies, the band is showing their dedication and appreciation to their fans: allowing them to vote and pick their favorite song for release as a single, as well as collaging photos of their “biggest fans” for the cover art.

Before their big show this weekend, frontman Chris Taylor Brown took some time out from playing with fireworks to speak with The Roxy about why they’re doing it all for the fans. Here’s what he had to say…

Want to tell us a little about the cover art for your latest record No Apologies? Where did the idea come from? How did that all came about?

We have always wanted our fans to be a part of everything we do. We were thinking of album covers, and thought it would be a great idea to have our fans send in pictures and have the cover made up of pics of all our biggest fans. We wanted it to be a memento that they could always have reminding them that they are the reason that we exist.

In the song “Sound Off” who/what exactly are you sounding off about?

2009 was a hard year for everyone, and I thought that some of the things our government was doing to help the situation was only hurting. It seemed that people didn’t want to talk about it or even think about what was going on. Later that year, when I was writing the music for “Sound Off,” I thought about those people who would rather not participate in the direction our country was going, and the hook just came out. I know people get angry about certain things, but to open up and say something about it to the world is a different story.

Who would you rather be “trapped” in an elevator with: Chris Tucker (actor/comedian), Taylor Hicks (American Idol), or the other Chris Brown (R&B singer)?

Oh Chris Brown of course! Hahaha…

Your anthem “Headstrong” has been used for TV shows, videogames, and all kinds of sporting events? What’s the strangest or most amusing place you’ve heard your music pop up?

Well the strangest story had to be the one about a couple soldiers kicking a door down, busting into an Iraqi house and hearing “Headstrong” blazing in the background on a satellite TV. I obviously was not there, but heard the story from a few fans. It’s crazy how music transcends boundary lines and cultures like that.

How did the band celebrate this past July 4th?

With a lot of drinking and fireworkin’!!!


Trapt takes the stage this Saturday, July 16 along with Abused Romance, Boy Hits Car, and Otherwise. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Get a free download from Trapt here.