SSMF Profiles: Jordan Cook

By: Brent X Mendoza

Catching the crowd’s ear on The Sunset Strip is no easy feat in a town notorious for its jaded, “seen it all, heard it all” audiences. So the fact that Canadian guitar prodigy Jordan Cook has been turning heads and packing houses after being introduced to The Strip only one year ago, is a true testament to his skill and stage presence.

Having already performed with greats like B.B. King, Van Morrison, and the Aretha Franklin Band, Cook is now poised to make his Sunset Strip Music Festival debut here at The Roxy Theatre.

Before heading to the show get to know this guitar virtuoso and all his vices and virtues.

What other Sunset Strip Music Festival bands/artists are you most looking forward to seeing?

My band and I are going to try and take in as much of the festival as possible. To narrow it down to just a few may be difficult. We’ll see what happens… my guess is we’ll hang around the Roxy as they are putting up with us.

With a few rare exceptions, why are there no good Canadian bands?

If you haven’t heard:

Arcade Fire, Age of Electric, Attack in Black, Arkells, Bionic, Big Dave McLean, Big Wreck, Big Sugar, Black Mountain, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings…

There really are many great bands/artists in Canada. Don’t get me started with the C’s.

Your latest record is entitled Seven Deadly Sins. So which of the seven deadly sins are you guilty of committing most frequently?

Acedia: As sometimes I spread myself too thin. When I’m at my best musically, there are times where I’m not my best in other areas.

During the songwriting process, how do you find the line between writing simple, catchy melodies and keeping things technically interesting for yourself as a guitar virtuoso?

To be honest I don’t usually think about these sorts of things, as I’m a bit “guitar-ded.”
I truly just play what I feel.

What’s been the highlight of your career thus far? Have you yet had that “I’ve finally made it!” moment?

Thus far a memorable highlight was being declared “the revelation” of Switzerland’s Montreux Jazz Festival, and having the opportunity to perform with B.B. King and Van Morrison with my dad being in the front row watching.

I’ve yet to have the “I’ve finally made it” feeling, but gaining fans when we play makes everything worth it.


Jordan Cook hits The Roxy’s stage during the Sunset Strip Music Festival street fest on August 20.
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