SSMF Profiles: Holland Greco

By: Brent X Mendoza

Photo: Dalen Muster

Pop bliss princess and ukulele enthusiast Holland Greco has voiced songs for numerous hit TV shows and films including original arrangements for “The Looney Tunes Show” and “Scooby Doo.”

When she’s not penning tracks for song placement, she can be found performing with any number of musical projects, the newest of which, The Stripminers, a collaboration with Brett Anderson of The Donnas.

Catch Ms. Greco in her solo incarnation next Friday, August 19 as she performs under the stars on The Sunset Strip as part of the festivities for SSMF week.


First off, Holland Greco… great name! Family name, stage name, is there a story behind it?

Thank you! It’s my middle name and last name.

What other Sunset Strip Music Festival bands/artists are you most looking forward to seeing?

Well, I really like The Veronicas. Those girls can sing, write, and play some seriously great pop songs. I also like Melissa Villasenor. I’m an America’s Got Talent watcher and she was good on that. Of course I’m looking forward to Mötley Crüe, the SSMF atmosphere, festival food, and hanging out at The Roxy!

Why the ukulele as your primary stage instrument of choice? How long have you been playing the uke? Who taught you?

The uke happened by accident. The truth is that in 2006 I was asked to play it in another band. One of the band leaders drew pictures of the two chords I was supposed to play. I learned those, and that was the beginning. After that, I taught myself to play by using chord charts.

I also play some keys, guitar, and other random bits.

Noticed your musical contributions to “Looney Tunes” and “Scooby Doo,” that must have been a bit surreal? Any other classic/icon cartoons you would love to write music for? Also, working with children’s entertainment, were you subject to a morality clause in your contract?

I really love working in animation and children’s entertainment!

I would love to voice a cartoon character or sing more for cartoons/kids shows. Any of ‘em!

The Looney Tunes Show hired me as a vocalist. I didn’t write “Yellow Bird,” but I’m thrilled to have been the voice on that. “Merrie Melodies” are classic! I think it’s the coolest thing I’ve done recently. (Listen here.)

Same with “Getaway Yeah” for Scooby Doo. That was a vocal job only, and it happened a few years ago. (More than 85 thousand views!)

I was not subject to a morality clause. Lol. Morality is so subjective… I wonder what something like that would say? If someone asked me to sign a morality clause, I imagine it would have to be a huge job for me to be ok with it, just because freedom and privacy is so valuable; but I could handle it!

You have several musicals listed on your résumé (Lovelace: A Rock Opera and Ed Wood Monsters of Hollywood: Vampira), who would you say you relate to more Linda Lovelace or Vampira?

Haha….. Vampira definitely! I like her exaggerated monster-movie-loving character. She was ahead of her time, very glam, and The Misfits wrote a song about her, which my trio covers!!!

Tell us about “Tunnel Vision?” Care to explain the origins of the title? Also what other TV/flim/soundtrack/acting projects do you currently have in works?

Tunnel Vision is my first solo record, and is available at all the digital outlets. There are some really cool recordings on there. I encourage everyone to check it out, listen to it, and buy it too!

It’s funny that you would ask about the title. I am blessed to have some great mentors in my life, and Gail Zappa is one of them. She has a gift for words and titles. She suggested that I start a blog called “Holland’s Tunnel Vision,” which I thought was a great title. In addition to that, the lyrics on “Tunnel Vision” are very much about desire so strong that you can’t see anything else. Just convincing, striving, obsessing… going after what you want… it also took that kind of force to write and record the album. So all those things worked together to make “Tunnel Vision” the perfect description of the work.

New and upcoming..? I have a stash of demo recordings that are getting sorted through and shined up. We’re putting them in categories because I record soul-style songs, dance songs, folk songs, and novelty stuff. In a couple of years from now, I’ll probably have a number of other five song albums out in totally different styles. Variety pleases me!

Speaking of variety, I play a number of instruments in The Stripminers. They are a new and very special band that you will be hearing more about.


Holland Greco will be performing as part of SSMF week along with The Roxy’s own Megan Jacobs, The Mowglis, Of Verona, and Goodnight Noises this Friday, August 19 at the Jack Daniels Experience Outdoor Acoustic Stage. Performances kick off at 6 p.m. 21+ only. 8950 Sunset Strip.