Q&A with Danko Jones

By: Brent X Mendoza

WEDNESDAY, September 14 Canadian trio Danko Jones hits The Sunset Strip for a night of “Never Too Loud,” hard rock!

Five albums deep in their career, the group led by front man and namesake Danko Jones, have built a sizeable loyal fanbase by simply (or not so simply) “putting in the work” of constant touring, and turning out consistently solid records.

Sending us this report from the road, Jones-the one man multimedia empire, brought us up-to-date on all his latest happs including: his alternate careers as a music columnist and podcaster, his spoken word side project, and making music videos with “The Karate Kid” and Frodo Baggins.


You write a number of different music columns that appear in publications all around the world. How do you tailor your writing style when speaking to these diverse audiences? Also, how do you keep informed about all the different music scenes you write about?

I don’t tailor my writing style to any particular group or country. I just write about rock and metal, and that seems to be universally understood. I’m basically left alone to rant about any particular whim. Of course I don’t get to proofread the translations… you can’t oversee everything!

Tell us about this video you did last year for “Full of Regret.” How did the diverse cast of celebs come about?

We did a trio of videos that started with “Full Of Regret” starring Elijah Wood, Selma Blair, Lemmy Kilmister, Mike Watt and us. Getting an all-star cast to appear started with Elijah, as he is friends with The Diamond Brothers (Josh and Jason) who directed all three.

Once Elijah got on board we were able to get Selma Blair. Getting Lemmy and Mike Watt came from us since we’ve toured with Motörhead and played shows with Watt in various incarnations over the years (Dos, The Stooges, Iggy Pop).

For the second video, “Had Enough,” we got Ralph Macchio to star in it along with comedian Don Jamieson and character actor Frank Drank. Ralph was a childhood hero for all of us because of The Karate Kid movies and “Crossroads.” And the third video brought back Ralph, Elijah and Watt again while Jenna Malone and Art Hsu signed on too.

So I see that you were a character in this “Sex Tips from Rock Stars” book; what were your tips? Also, what are your qualifications for dispensing sex advice?

If you read the book, you’ll quickly realize that I don’t have any tips to give. The title is misleading… It’s just a bunch of guys in bands answering questions on sex, but I wouldn’t call any answers “sex tips.” I’m the one looking for tips because I’m baffled most of the time, hence the songs.

With the band, podcasts, and writing for music multiple music publications, do you find any time to relax? What do you do on your off time? Do you have any non-music related hobbies?

Writing the columns is totally fun to do, and podcasts are done every other week so I have plenty of down time. What else is there to do between rock shows anyway?

A lot of people in our business party it up when they’re not rocking out, but to me there’s just way more things to do. What people don’t tell you is partying is only fun when it’s done with interesting people but the catch is the more you drink the more boring you get, at least that’s what I’ve observed.

The only non-music hobbies I have are watching “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and listening to Joe Rogan and Jim Florentine’s podcast.

Finally, with your spoken word background… can you give us a little ode to The Roxy? A haiku perhaps?

There’s nothing “spoken” about writing a haiku!


Danko Jones plays The Roxy Theatre Wednesday, Sept 14. Doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets are $13.50.