Now Serving: Golden Road Brewing

Craft beer is a-flowing at The Roxy and now there’s even more! Just launched, Golden Road Brewing features two delicious new beers: Point The Way IPA & Golden Road Hefeweizen.

The company was founded by Tony Yanow (Tony’s Darts Away, Mowhawk Bend, LA Vegan Beer Fest, ColLAboration), and Meg Gill (Oskar Blues, Speakeasy) to strengthen LA’s beer culture by creating the best beer from the highest quality ingredients. These beers set a new standard for local brewing with fresh brews that keep the palate guessing. Brewmaster, Jon Carpenter, was enthralled by the ideas behind Golden Road Brewing and switched coasts to create the most desirable, local craft beer he could.

Point The Way IPA (5.2%) is easier to swallow than many IPAs with a tinge of fruit and a fantastic dry finish. Golden Road Hefeweizen (4.6%) was created with Germany in mind. This Bavarian beer has hints of banana with a crisp flavor full of clove, orange & lemon.

Both beers are now being served from the beer bar, a waitress, and at On The Rox! Get your hands on one of these next time you swing by, if you’re 21+, of course.