New Year’s Eve: SPW & WD

By: @brentXmendoza

2011 at The Roxy Theatre culminates in a battle royale this New Year’s Eve, when two of The Sunset Strip’s most prized possessions meet “mano y mano.” The two bands that have individually clocked the most stage time this year at The Roxy, finally share the spotlight, for a no holds barred, knock-down, drag-out rock show of epic proportions! Before waking up to your first 2012 “walk of shame,” catch up with Semi Precious Weapons and Warner Drive as they recap the year and look ahead to the future.

Favorite artist/album of 2011?

Jonny Law (WD): Billy Talent III

Dan Crean (SPW): Jay-Z & Kanye, West Watch the Throne

Candice Levinson (WD): Foo Fighters.

Justin Tranter (SPW): Miranda Lambert, Four The Record

Elvis James (WD): Semi Precious Weapons!

Cole Whittle (SPW): Jay-Z & Kanye

Jonny U (WD): The Best of Yanni

Song you hope to never hear again in 2012?

Jonny Law (WD): “It’s a Small World” (Answering these from my iPhone in line at Disneyland with my nephews…)

Candice Levinson (WD): “Double rainbow” song! At first it was great… but now everyone always says, “double ______ (fill in the blank), so intense!” (myself included!) However, I can’t get enough of “hide your wife, hide your kids!”

Justin Tranter (SPW): I’m a huge fan of overplayed pop music, so I’m the worst person to ask!

Elvis James (WD): That “Friday” song!

Cole Whittle (SPW): One song I hope to never hear in 2012 is the Sportscenter theme!

Jonny U (WD): “Friday”

#1 crush of 2011?

Jonny Law (WD): Pick a porn star!

Dan Crean (SPW): Emma Watson after she cut off all her hair

Candice Levinson (WD): Ben Kowalewicz (Billy Talent), Erin Rogers (musician), David Boreanaz (actor), all the guys from Semi Precious Weapons, Johnny Depp, Joseph Holiday’s (Lady Sinatra) beard… Wait, I’m supposed to pick just one?! Arrgh! Ok… Ben Kowalewicz then!

Justin Tranter (SPW): Beyonce and Jay-Z’s unborn baby.

Elvis James (WD): Mila Kunis

Cole Whittle (SPW): My biggest crush of 2011 is easily Stephanie, The Roxy’s avant-garde door mistress/performance artist/street bartender/security vixen/museum curator/party kitty!

Jonny U (WD): Candice!

In 2012 I’d most like to open for?

Dan Crean (SPW): OutKast. They have a new record coming and I’m certain it’s gonna be rad as fuck!

Justin Tranter (SPW): Kanye West

Elvis James (WD): Foo Fighters

Cole Whittle (SPW): In 2012, I hope to open for Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra from Dec 22nd till Dec 26th.

Most scandalous/surprising/shocking moment (pre or post show) at The Roxy in 2011?

Dan Crean (SPW): I’m not one for secret telling… but The Roxy was where it was at! The only place I spent more time at other than The Roxy this year was Duke’s West Hollywood. 2011 at The Roxy was fucking brilliant! The end.

Candice Levinson (WD): When Jonny Law ripped my shirt off on stage during SSMF!

Justin Tranter (SPW): Pretty much anything that happened before, during, or after one of our Empire parties was pretty scandalous, surprising, and shocking! When you mix the Voyeur Burlesque and SPW, it’s never going to end safely!

Elvis James (WD): At our CD release show, there were three girls topless in the front row doing Jager shots and jumping up and down! Rad! Well that, and when Bad Diver Bill did a stage dive in his wet suit! That was kick ass!!!

Cole Whittle (SPW): I was pretty shocked and surprised when I had sex in the DJ booth.

Jonny U (WD): Can’t talk about that! No incriminating!!

Which member of the other band would you most like to lip lock at midnight?

Dan Crean (SPW): Lip Lock? What is this junior high?

Candice Levinson (WD): Justin!

Justin Tranter (SPW): Put me down for a gang lock!

Elvis James (WD): Hmmm…

Cole Whittle (SPW): I would opt for ritual suicide to ring in the New Year!

Jonny U (WD): Duh, the drummer!

Which member of your own band added the most “notches to their bed post” in 2011?

Jonny Law (WD): Easily our guitar player Candice.

Dan Crean (SPW): I think SPW is waiting until marriage..?

Candice Levinson (WD): Jonny U

Elvis James (WD): Jonny U

Jonny U (WD): Candice

Which member of your own band consumed the most booze in 2011?

Jonny Law (WD): Me :/

Dan Crean (SPW): No idea… but I know who had the most to smoke!

Candice Levinson (WD): Also, Jonny U.

Elvis James (WD): Jonny U

Cole Whittle (SPW): Winner of the most booze consumed in 2011 is most likely a photo finish between Justin and I.

Jonny U (WD): Candice

Best moment of 2011?

Jonny Law (WD): Pick a moment on tour this year when we were with Jet, Saving Abel, CKY, Fuel, SSMF in LA, or any show where our fans had fun. Those moments are all priceless to me!

Dan Crean (SPW): Best moment of 2011 was playing in Mexico City. Large!

Candice Levinson (WD): It will be when we are playing NYE at The Roxy!

Justin Tranter (SPW): It would be very hard to pick just one moment, but it would have to be one of the times we were in our pool house studio writing our new album. Some of the best moments of my life happened while writing this year.

Cole Whittle (SPW): The best moment of 2011 was the million moments that it took to make our new record. Honorable mention was getting arrested for BMX cruising on the Hollywood stars, and being at Duke’s West Hollywood all day, everyday was a good moment to.

Worst and/or most embarrassing moment of 2011?

Jonny Law (WD): Jonny U, drummer of Warner Drive, in our guitar player Candice’s thong underwear on stage in front of 2,000 people in Tempe, AZ. Yes, this really happened! Here’s the link to prove it:

Dan Crean (SPW): There was a toothbrush incident that really brought me down a couple notches.

Justin Tranter (SPW): Well we have a band goat, and he causes a lot of trouble, and ruins our lives on a daily basis… but besides that, 2012 has been pure magic!

Elvis James (WD): Falling off the uneven bars in Barcelona at the Olympic try outs.

Cole Whittle (SPW): Asking me to name my most embarrassing moment of 2011 is like asking a dog is he can windsurf.

Jonny U (WD): Totally “sh-arted” myself on the road when we were playing in Warrensburg, MO!

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Warner Drive & Semi Precious Weapons take over The Roxy on New Year’s Eve with Beta Wolf, Benvenue, Life Down Here, & Open Air Stereo.

GA, VIP, & Open Bar tickets still available via Ticketweb & The Roxy box office at 310-278-9457.