How To Rock Social Media

@NicAdler recent sat down with Lydia Dishman of Fast Company for this piece “How To Rock Social Media: 5 Tips with Nic Adler, Owner of The Roxy”


Nic Adler’s blogged, tweeted, and Myspaced his way to keeping The Roxy, his 40-year-old music venue, fresh for its fans. As the social media landscape changes, here’s how he’s staying on top.

When you run a business that has played host to musical heavyweights like Nirvana and Bob Marley and launched cultural icons including The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Pee-wee Herman Show, it would be pretty easy to get complacent. Not Nic Adler, owner of The Roxy Theatre. Growing up in the business and spending time in the trenches as a band manager gave Adler a unique perspective on delivering a musical experience.

And though he comes from a time when social media meant more than clickable thumbs on Facebook, he’s been an early adopter of all forms of online interactivity. From Myspace and a blog to Pinterest, Adler’s diligently embraced each new platform as a means of banishing the “velvet rope” and keeping the Sunset Strip’s illustrious denizen fresh and relevant to legions of fans both new and old.

For Adler, it’s less important to have a formal strategic approach to social media; it’s best to grow organically. Now he’s starting his own agency that’s focused on delivering the best execution across platforms to help businesses cultivate loyal followings, just like The Roxy.

Adler chatted with Fast Company about his own best practices.

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