Apps We Love: Band of the Day

Have you ever wanted to go on a really simple music discovery journey? Well, now you can.

Band of the Day is a relatively new app that encompasses everything you would want to know about a band right in the palm of your hand. In calendar format, each day a new band is presented so your collection can be full of fresh new music.

The genres span far and wide but all the essentials are there. You get an immediate feel of the band with a photo and brief description then when you click on it, you are handed the keys to the artist. With reviews, albums (and songs to stream), tweets about the band, a bio and more, you can dig right into a new band. Best part about that? If you don’t like them, there’s always another day to visit. BOTD even has their own charts to give you a real feel for bands people are listening to. Beyond that, you can login with your Facebook and see what your friends are up to in app.

Band of the Day is available on your iPhone & iPad and is free in the App Store.