LA, Welcome UBER To Our City!

Uber has made their way to Los Angeles! For those of you who know who this is, we can imagine you’re ready to throw your keys out the window (we are, too).

Uber is your new go-to car service company. Here’s how it works:
Having a car in LA is tough. You’re always running late. You certainly won’t have time to find parking, dig through your car for change (because you found the 1 of 6 meters in town that don’t take credit card), and then worry about coming back out to fill it up. You hate paying for parking, siting in traffic to get there, sitting in traffic to leave… it’s just plain tough.

This is where you friend and hero Uber comes in. You look at your Uber App, push a button, and a few minutes later your private driver pulls up to take you wherever you need to go. They even have your card info on file so you don’t have the messy “Cabbie, do you take card?” situation.

Uber has already been in San Francisco, New york, Paris, Chicago, and many other places and now it’s right in the heard of Hollywood – West Hollywood to be exact.

So next time you’re going out for the night and don’t want to drive, are running late for that big meeting and need a breather on the way there, hit the button on your Uber app and get there calmly, safely, and without the hassle.

Check out more about them here. Welcome to the neighborhood, guys!