WIN: American Idiot The Musical

Let’s face it, we all love Green Day. Have you ever really met someone that hates Green Day? No. It’s not possible. Everyone knows at least one GD song, so why not take it to the next level with Green Day’s American Idiot the Broadway musical playing at The Ahmanson Theatre in Downtown LA?!

This incredible rock opera will have you feeling like you’re at a live concert sooner than you can finish saying Broadway. The crew is so excited to come to LA that they want you, Roxy readers, to go to the show!

Here’s how you can win! Leave a comment on this blog saying why you really, really, really want the tickets to the March 20th 8pm performance of American Idiot and we’ll select TWO winners Friday, March 16. Good luck!

Green Day’s American Idiot runs March 13th to April 22nd at the Ahmanson Theatre in Downtown LA. For more information, click here.
P.S. – Don’t want to wait to win? Can’t wait? Click here for 50% off seats in the mezzanine!