Hipstamatic + Nic Adler = Groupie Snap Pak

It’s official. Nic Adler (owner of The Roxy) has his own Hipstapak in the Hipstamatic iPhone Camera! The Groupie Snap Pak is a lens, flash, and film designed just for concert lovers, and just in time for SXSW, too.

The Adler 9009 Lens (named after The Roxy’s address), Dylan Film, and Pop Rox Flash make the perfect trio to capture live shows. @NicAdler has been a huge Hipstamatic enthusiast from the day he started using the app and it’s a huge deal to get this finally. More importantly, to be able to work so closely with the Synthetic crew (creators of Hipstamatic) to create this awesome lens and to satiate their love for photography and live music.

The pak is available for a measly $0.99 in the app. Go get it, try it, and post your favorite “Groupie Snap Pak” photos here!