Q&A with Queen Caveat

By: @brentXmendoza

Thursday, Apr. 12 Roxy faves and Sunset Strip mainstay Queen Caveat take the stage for a headlining show, that may soon prove to be a major turning point in the band’s young career.

Already on the tip of every tastemaker’s tongue, QC is poised to claim their rock n’ roll throne with the release of their second EP Slap on the Wrist, and a prominently featured “role” on the upcoming ABC 20/20 special “Sunset Boulevard: What’s Your Dream.” Climb on board this ride to the top, as these shooting stars regale stories of their rise to power.

Every band’s favorite question — where does the name “Queen Caveat” come from?

Ben: We adopted the name “Queen Caveat” months after we started the band actually… When Will (bassist Will Weissman) and I first met Lauren, we were at a party in Silverlake, and we heard and saw this girl barreling down the stairs in a frantic energy! Will turned to me and said, “That girl is the definition of Caveat!” Months later, when deciding on a band name, and thought “Queen Caveat” was the best fit—beware The Queen!

How was SXSW this year? How did it differ from last year? Any crazy stories?

Lauren: This year we were much more professional. We learned last year, that looking behind “the curtain,” and over-exploring the lovely party scene can be detrimental to our health, and performance. As the singer, it was very important that I hide after each show with a cup of hot tea, and Angry Birds to preserve my voice… but don’t worry, I made up for it on the last night!

Tell us about this upcoming ABC special “Sunset Boulevard.” How did that all come about?

Ben: We met our ABC friends last May 2011 at The Roxy Theatre. They told us that they were interviewing a number of Nic Adler’s favorite L.A. bands… and a month after our initial interview, they reached out to us, explained the piece, and that they wanted to follow our daily lives as an up-and-coming band in the L.A. music scene. The special, “Sunset Boulevard: What’s Your Dream” aims to capture the essence of Sunset, the dreamers if you will.

Besides featuring us, the show will also follow an up-and-coming actor, student, etc… It’s been a really exciting year, and we’re thrilled to see our goofy faces on national television! It airs April 21st at 9 p.m. on ABC

Lauren, who are your past, present, and future female rock idols?

Past – My first self-discovered idol was Fiona Apple. I was seven years old when I discovered her music video on MTV… I was jaw dropped, and something inside of me clicked, and sent chills down my adolescent spine. Later in the year, when school started, I was faced with suspension for checking out her tape at the library during a class field trip… this only made me worship Fiona more!

Present – At this point in my life, my current idol is a local artist, a modern day saint… Aja Volkman-Reynolds of Nico Vega claims that title for me. Her voice alone could be the reason for my rapid and constant inspiration, but it is only one of the reasons… she believes in her craft, and has faced hardships that she plowed through with grace and strength. Her lyrics are words that shape her, and they are conjured up in complete truths. If you want to know her, just listen because she’s a teacher.

Future – Someday, many, many years from now, when I have children, I will force them to be musicians. I suspect my unborn daughter will be my idol in the future… I am my mom and dad’s idol, so it just makes sense.

The new EP Slap On The Wrist—is there a musical and/or lyrical theme that runs through this record?

Ben: As a live band, we went into the studio with the goal of capturing our stage show, and live performance. Many artists will agree, that capturing the sound of a band live on a recording, is one of the toughest things to do. We locked down two days at Sunset Studios here L.A., and our producer set us up to track live—which in my opinion is the only way records should ever be made.

This EP, even though it’s our second official release, is the first record with Jesse (drummer Jesse Magnuson) on it, so we are looking at it as our first. We have been performing around L.A. with the current lineup for the past few years, but without the recordings to represent us. Don’t get me wrong, we love our first EP Emptor, but Slap on the Wrist represents the four of us individually as musicians/artists, and more importantly the four of us collectively, as Queen Caveat.

Queen Caveat plays The Roxy this Thursday with Cherri Bomb, Vokab Kompany, Sound of Ugly, and Kady Z. Tickets are available via Ticketweb.


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