Q&A with Enter Shikari’s Rou Reynolds

By: @brentXmendoza

Tomorrow, massive UK electronicore outfit Enter Shikari hits the stage here at The Roxy Theatre. Seamlessly fusing hardcore metal, punk, electronica, trance, and all other forms of synthetic noisemaking—these four lads from across the pond, have been ruling the charts back home with their recently released third record A Flash Flood of Colour.

Before the band storms The Sunset Strip, get the advance plan of attack from front man Rou Reynolds as he discusses cryptic song titles, aggressive mediocrity, and the nuances of UK vs. US English.

With the new album, the band currently seems to be enjoying massive mainstream success in the UK. What do you think is the secret to breaking through in the States? How do the two music cultures differ?

I don’t think there’s a cultural disparity between the UK and the States in regards to music. So all we can do is repeat what we did in the UK, and hope it works for us again. That means just growing organically, taking every show we get, and playing each show like it’s our last.

That’s what we’ve been doing the past few years playing support tours, and Warped Tour, but to be honest we’ve never had any huge aspirations with this band. We care about people that support us, but don’t have any cliché plans for ‘world domination” or anything.

When we look at the magazine front covers here, the bands that seem to have huge mainstream success appear to be rather mediocre. There’s certainly a will to become middle of the road, and sound like your favourite bands and that’s it! That doesn’t interest us.

The band seems to enjoy lengthy, cryptic song titles (e.g., “Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide”). What’s the general process for naming your tunes?

There’s no real process to be honest. Just whatever feels right, whatever concludes or reifies the vibe of the track.

A Flash Flood of Colour is the band’s third full length release. How do you feel your musical style has changed/progressed over the course of your career thus far?

I guess it’s just been constantly evolving… I’m very interested in a wide variety of music, and will always try to subsume any new music that I enjoy into our sound. It keeps it fresh and interesting for us, and keeps us pushing ourselves. I think as we’ve grown, we’ve become more confident in trying to achieve that, and not holding back with experimentation.

Everyone knows that the proper way to spell “colour” is the U.S. way, minus the “u.” What other cultural nuances do you find intriguing here in the States?
Ha! Yeh, yeh, yeh… ‘course it is!

Well everything from the food, to the cars and highways is just a hell of a lot bigger. And everything’s louder, and in your face. But other than that, there really isn’t that much difference. Although you guys don’t have any castles… That sucks. Build some castles dangit!

If any member of the band were to unfortunately be taken down in some sort of electronicore feud, would you consider replacing them with a hologram and continue touring? Which member of the band would look best in hologram form? Would they still get an honorary bunk on the tour bus?

Ha! Definitely. We’re not far away from having interactive holograms available to us as well, so we’d certainly embrace that. Chris (bassist Chris Batten) is the most photogenic I reckon so I’d nominate him as most likely to translate to holographic form best.
And I suppose the equipment used to generate him would need to be stored somewhere, so that could take up his bunk space.


Tickets for Wednesday’s show are available via Ticketweb.