Exclusive Interview: HoneyHoney

By: @brentXmendoza

Venice Beach duo HoneyHoney seem to be more than breaking through to the masses—as evidenced by their recent Kickstarter.com campaign—which after less than a month, has surpassed their $17,000 goal by more than $6,000.

With these funds literally going towards transportation and gas money for their current tour, fans and patrons from across the globe are in a very real sense helping to bring HoneyHoney’s Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe to The Roxy Theatre this Wednesday, and eventually a town near you.

Tell us about your recent Kickstarter campaign? What was the feedback like? What were the results?

Jaffe: Well after we slaved away for a couple weeks, honing our pitch video to the Oscar-level cinematic opus that it is, it was such a great feeling to sit back for a bit and see such a tangible show of support. There were so many people excited to help us out, which in our position isn’t just a warm fuzzy feeling, we truly need everyone pitching in to keep us going on the track that we’re on.

A quick note about the video: If you ever find yourself working with a donkey or other animal in a video production, our advice would be to find a real professional—a donkey wrangler of some sort to help you out. Animals don’t really give a shit about what you tell them to do.

Besides being the secret identity of The Dark Knight, who is Bruce Wayne? Any new adventures to share? And does Bruce find it frustrating, trying to understand his nemesis Bane’s garbled voice?

Santo: What an excellent and very pertinent question! Bruce Wayne is an unbelievably handsome black cat and is the love of my life. Bruce is pretty much the king of the castle, and sits atop his throne never paying mind to frivolous things like his nemesis Bane.

Ben, any tips for picking up girls and/or guys at a HoneyHoney show? What are the do’s and don’ts?

Jaffe: First off, don’t be in the band. You spend the whole time playing, getting ready to play, or clearing your gear off the stage. By the time the work is done the front row “honeys” are getting groped on by the staff of the Roxy, and you just want to watch episodes of Deadwood on Suzanne’s iPad. As for general tips: Guys, keep your hands clean, and ladies notice that stuff. Also ladies, stop staring at our junk, we’re up here. Know what I’m saying..?

What was the lyrical inspiration behind “Angel of Death?” And once the Angel of Death comes for you, where exactly does he take you?

Santo: To the garden of paradise and fulfilled wishes…

This always comes out sounding weird, but you know the documentary Planet Earth? There’s a portion of it that deals with this predatory spore that plants itself inside an ant’s body, and takes over its mental functioning, eventually killing it and sprouting a big beautiful flower out of the corpse. This felt like some relationships we’ve all seen, or been a part of.

Any particularly interesting or odd preshow rituals/superstitions you take part in before hitting the stage?

Jaffe: Other than worshipping the un-holiest of unholy’s (Satan), and holding naked karate competitions before every show (which we don’t find to be odd at all), we start off every show with a good solid inappropriate team cheer. It’s usually something along the lines of, “1, 2, 3, glitter titties!”

Everyone has at least one story about a crazy night out on The Sunset Strip. Anything you are legally allowed to share?

Santo: I think this is the craziest story I’ve got and it’s pretty mild so bear with me… After having two margaritas with my parents at El Compadre (seriously two), I dropped them off at their hotel and was driving back west on Sunset when I was pulled over for driving with my lights off. Now let’s be honest, Sunset is lit up like a goddamn Christmas tree, and is bright as shit making this an understandable mistake! As I was nearly frozen with fear at the thought of getting a DUI (because everyone knows that two margaritas can surely fuck your sobriety test butthole), I sat in my car and waited for the officer to approach…. I was terrified!

It was a true Hollywood moment to say the least, when one of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever seen in my life asked me for my license and registration. I mean, hot guy uniformed fantasies came flooding through the forefront of my mind like the levy breaking on a river of porn! So the Santo in me starts flirting with him; and it was on! He’s giving me the eyes, I’m giving him the eyes (Seriously though, he had me follow the pen back and forth to get a gander at my pupils, but we all know he was really just looking into my “soul!”). Then to my utter disappointment, he let me off with a warning! I was crushed… Deflated… Defeated!

When it was time to say goodbye, the thought of rear ending the car in from of me (to keep the vibe going) did occur, but I decided not to come on too strong, and headed back to lonely Venice Beach. However, whenever I’m driving down Sunset Blvd now, I make a point to drive really fast, and run red lights in the hopes of being reunited with my long lost “Officer Spank It…”


Tickets for HoneyHoney, Shana Halligan (Bitter:Sweet), and Monsters Calling Home are available here.