Q&A with Blaqk Audio’s Davey Havok

By: @brentXmendoza

This Friday, super fans lucky enough to secure tickets to the sold out show, will get a chance to catch AFI “side-project” Blaqk Audio, as they perform brand new tunes from their just released sophomore effort Bright Black Heaven.

Having played many of their early AFI shows here at The Roxy, the duo consisting of Davey Havok and Jade Puget have a great affinity for the room, and continue to return time and time again, whenever they have new material to debut or feel like taking a break from the arena circuit and playing an intimate, just for the fans, club gig. See what the band has in store for their much beloved fans this time around, as Mr. Havok himself gives us a little insight into the next chapter in his musical odyssey.

The title of the new record Bright Black Heaven. What’s the origin?

The tone of the record varies from uplifting moments of elation, to those of more shadowy transcendence. We felt that the title encapsulated that overall mood.

Do you find it becoming increasing difficult in the writing process, deciding which songs to use for which project?

Not at all! The delineation between projects is clear—Blaqk Audio is purely electronic and songs are consciously created for our records working within that format.

What’s your favorite track off the new record? Could you please share the story behind it?

I couldn’t truly choose a favorite, but “Everybody’s Friend’s” definitely comes close. The tone of the music moved me as soon as Jade sent it my way. The melody came quickly, as did the lyrics, and it has remained one of my favorites to perform live.

With the upcoming November election on everyone’s mind, what are your thoughts on musicians taking political stances, endorsing presidential candidates?

I take no issue with anyone voicing their political beliefs, but I personally have never been comfortable combining my own with our music.

What’s your favorite vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Los Angeles?

Doomie’s Home Cookin’ (1253 Vine St.).

This is the second intimate show you’ve played at The Roxy in recent years. What keeps you coming back?

We’ve had the pleasure of performing at The Roxy for years. The history of the club, the passion of the staff and the energy of the room always makes it a joy to come back!


Tickets are no longer available for this show.