Roxy Night at the Sunset Strip MKRT

In celebration of our Sunset Strip community, Social Media Week LA and LA Beer Week, The Roxy has taken over the Sunset Strip Market. We’ve handpicked a selection of craft beers, sourced our local farmers and artisans for our gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, and have 3 amazingly talented local bands coming to the market to party the night away among neighbors and friends.

The Roxy’s Grilled Cheese Night at Sunset Strip Market

Classic Grilled Cheese, with Appenzaller Cheese on Sourdough

Grilled Chicken, Carroway Roasted Cauliflower on Squaw Bread. Havarti Style Cheese

Braised Lamb, raclette Cheese, and Caramelized Shallots on Pistachio Raisin Bread.

Soyrizo, Jack Daiya, and Jalapenos on Sourdough bread with Market Fresh Pico de Gallo (Vegan).

Rum and Ginger Roasted Nectarines, Fromage Blanc on Brioche Bread French Toast style.

All sandwiches come with Roasted Beluga Lentil w/ Micro Greens Salad

Over 90% of ingredients in our grilled cheese are sourced from the following Sunset Strip Market farms and vendors:

Jimenez Farm – lamb, lettuce, veggies, jalapeños
Dey’s Dey’s Best Beef (and chicken )Ever – chicken
Suncoast Farm – cauliflower
Gama Farm – shallots
Tenerelli Orchards – peaches
Silver Lake Farms – microgreens

Milkman – Farmstead cheese
Brassica and Brine – Pickles
Old Village Bakery — Bread

The Roxy’s Craft Beer Pop-Up

The Roxy House Draft No. 1
Sierra Nevada Kellerweis
New Belgium Red Hoptober
Deschutes Twilight
Sam Adams Octoberfest
Crispin Cider

At The Roxy we love our beer. We are proud to serve to some of the best craft beer available, with a special focus on the local. In celebration of LA Beer Week, we hand picked these six pours to bring down to the Sunset Strip Market to pair up with our grilled cheese.