Q&A with Donovan Leitch

By: @brentXmendoza

Tonight, actor, musician, thespian Donovan Leitch returns to The Roxy stage for a seven night run of the gender bending rock and roll musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. This being the third time that Leitch has reprised his role as the fiercely flamboyant Hedwig, the actor has gained much insight into the tragic yet tenacious character that fans of this modern cult classic have so feverishly come to love and embrace.

Fans of Hedwig, who have maybe seen the movie but not the play, what can they expect from the live stage version?

Hedwig was a major off Broadway hit and ran for five years, and then it was another five years before the film was released. Seeing Hedwig live is a completely new experience for anyone familiar with the film. It’s raunchy and raw and reckless rock n roll!

How did you prepare for your role? What’s the most challenging aspect of your performance?

This is my third time putting on the wig, so the dialogue and music is like riding a bike. And Hedwig is kind of like the village bicycle… everyone’s had a ride.

What aspects of Hedwig’s character do you find most relatable?

Hedwig is in all of us. Our deepest fears, our ability to rise above and make it through tough times… Always trying to connect with our other half, most people look outside of themselves, but ultimately finding it within. Hedwig is tragedy, humor, sacrifice, and completion.

Do you believe in true love? That we are all searching for our other half, as described in the play?

I believe that love is immortal and we are always trying to find our other half.

What lessons about the music industry and conducting business as a band can be gleaned for the Hedwig story?

As far as the music business goes, get ready to be screwed because there are a lot of shady characters in the music business and Hedwig has certainly been screwed over!


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