Q&A with Vintage Trouble

By: @brentXmendoza

This New Year’s Eve youthful revelers and seasoned troublemakers alike will be counting down the final moments of 2012 with the throwback sounds of L.A.’s own Vintage Trouble as the soundtrack to their midnight kiss. Currently on a North American tour with The Who, the band’s genre defying, soulful pizzaz has put the Laurel Canyon based quartet on an unheard of trajectory to stardom, that has landed them in front of stadium size crowds only two short years after first coming together.

Before tipping back your plastic Champagne flutes this NYE, get the full tilt tale from VT guitarist Nalle Colt and drummer Richard Danielson, as they share their whirlwind journey that’s taken them from zero to touring around the world with the likes of Bon Jovi and Brian May (Queen), and even playing Paul Stanley’s 60th birthday party!

Having such a unique sound, have you found it at all challenging getting paired with like sounding bands for shows? Any particularly bad experiences, as far as mismatched billing is concerned?

Colt: Not really… we have been supporting lots of different acts this year from The Cranberries, Lenny Kravitz, The Bangles, KISS and now of course The Who. All of them have a very different crowd and sound, and thus far our sound has worked with them all!

Danielson: We played a festival last year in England called Sonisphere. It’s basically a metal festival and the “Big Four” (I guess they are called…) were the headliners. So it was pretty much a metal festival with a few other tidbits thrown in; but we ended up picking up so many new fans from this experience. So I think this says something about the U.K. listener—they tend to enjoy many genres of music, with multi-faceted tastes and ears.

The band almost immediately after forming took off for Europe in hopes of building an initial buzz. In your opinion, why is it that certain bands/genres fair better across the pond and have to “catch on” in Europe before they get noticed in The States?

Danielson: Perhaps Europe is sexy in the eyes of us Americans, much in the way that the U.S. is sexy in the eyes of a lot of Europeans. But it is a smaller place, so it’s easier to infiltrate perhaps. I am of the opinion that the American attention span has waned a bit as well… Radio and pop culture as a whole has really been dumbed down in the last decade. One gets a sense of this by traveling the world and seeing how other countries and cultures are fairing. There are some great things going on in Europe, both musically and artistically.

Touring with The Who, Bon Jovi, Brian May… What’s been your most surreal experience thus far? Who were you most excited to meet?

Colt: Our first show with Bon Jovi was pretty surreal. To walk on that first stadium show with about 65,000 people in front of you is an amazing feeling! I was most excited to meet Pete Townshend of course!

Who will you be kissing at midnight this New Year’s Eve?

Colt: Probably whoever in my band will have me, since I will be on stage with them during the midnight countdown at the World Famous Roxy Theatre!

Women or booze, which generally leads to more “trouble?”

Danielson: Booze can lead to woman… but women are always going to lead you to booze at some point!

Please share with us your most memorable New Year’s Eve story.

Danielson: Well I have yet to cement The Roxy in my mind at this point, so I’d have to say Naples, Italy… Best fireworks show I’ve ever seen, and coolest outdoor NYE party ever!

Tickets for NYE with Vintage Trouble, Sy Smith, and DJ Jeremy Sole are available now including VIP and drink options!