5 Questions With Mellow Man Ace: SSMF Edition

Roxy: What is the most important thing to carry during a music festival?
MMA: My cell phone for networking, a marker and hand towel.

Roxy:What do you think makes the sunset strip special?
MMA: In my opinion all the great friends I have met on Sunset from Mario to Tisa, from Nic to the soundman at Viper Room from from the doorman at Key Club to the Armenian valet parking guys at Rainbow its like I grew up on Sunset.

Roxy:What’s your favorite memory of the sunset strip?
MMA: My fav moment has to be when Jessica Simpson gave me props after my set in 08. Then my special moments in the Jimi Hendrix booth at Rainbow in that order lol.

Roxy: What can we look forward to from you during SSMF?
MMA: Mos def a high octane set with my son Cazal Organism.

Roxy: Shot of Jack or Bottle of Bud?
MMA: Shot of Patron and a Bud Light bottle mos def.

You can join us and MMA at SSMF on AUGUST 3rd, Chances are it’ll be OFF THE HOOK!