5 Questions With Griffin Young of The Diamond Light: SSMF Edition

Griffin Young of The Diamond Light decided to represent his band for our questionnaire. We wonder if they’d agree with his take on a shot and a beer.

What is the most important thing to carry during a music festival?
GY: The most important thing to carry is a bottle of water and flask.. to even each other out.

What do you think makes the sunset strip special?
GY: The history of the Strip is special. So many bands over so many generations have made a name for themselves there.

What’s your favorite memory of the sunset strip?
GY: We’ve had many great times on the Sunset Strip, but we’re pretty sure the festival is going to blow those memories out of the water!

What can we look forward to from you during SSMF?
GY: We’re planning on bringing quite a ruckus, so don’t miss our set!

Shot of Jack or Bottle of Bud?
GY: Wait, people drink them separately?

You can catch Griffin and The Diamond Light at The Roxy this Saturday during SSMF!