5 Questions With Rani Sherone of Stolen Babies: SSMF Edition

Rani Sharone the bass/guitar player for the awesomely fun group Stolen Babies. runs down our five question gauntlet with a little insight as to the most important thing a band member needs to remember while at a festival.

What is the most important thing to carry during a music festival?
Rani: Your laminate! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had security not let me backstage because I left mine in the dressing room.

What do you think makes the sunset strip special?
Rani: The strip has been and continues to be a breeding ground and hub for bands big and small. Playing the strip is a rite of passage. Even if you’re a band just starting out, saying you “Played the Roxy” always gets you that impressed reaction from people, even if you suck. I speak from experience! That’s testament enough.

What’s your favorite memory of the sunset strip?
Rani: I ‘ve spent years of my life on the strip, playing shows, going to shows, passing out fliers at shows, so it’s hard to say. The friends we’ve made since our first show at the Roxy over ten years ago is probably at the top of the list. Some of those people are on the band’s crew today, which is pretty awesome.

What can we look forward to from you during SSMF?
Rani: We are going to melt faces, metaphorically speaking, and give people a 25-minute set they won’t soon forget…Hopefully.

Shot of Jack or Bottle of Bud?
Rani: It’s all poison to me. I like having a functional liver 😉

Catch Rani, his functioning liver, and the rest of Stolen Babies at The Roxy during SSMF this Saturday!