5 Questions With Active Set Singer/Bassist Matthew Stolarz: SSMF Edition

We hunted down Matthew Stolarz of The Active Set to get his clever insight into SSMF this year. He did not disappoint
What is the most important thing to carry during a music festival?
MS: It’s important to have a cell phone and charge cable. You want to be able to take pictures, tweet, text, take notes, snap chat, play games, make calls, check the weather report, check the stock market and WHOOPS, YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE AT A MUSIC FESTIVAL WATCHING MUSICIANS PERFORM.

What do you think makes the sunset strip special?
MS: It is legendary because of its vast musical history, both good and bad, that stretches for decades. So many bands earned their stripes here. But it has also always been fun to do things like marvel at the band names on the Whisky marquee, drive endlessly looking for free parking, guess the gender of leather-and-makeup-clad goth rockers and get last minute poor-decision tattoos.

What’s your favorite memory of the sunset strip?
MS: It’s actually a recent one. I saw the Parlotones at the Viper Room, and we wound up hanging out for a long time, walking around in a big mass of people. Some were fans, some friends and some just seemed to have walked in from nowhere. People started swapping shirts, there was shouting and other general merriment. Endless nightlife, endless fun.

What can we look forward to from you during SSMF?
MS: In addition to playing a bunch of stuff from our new album we’re working on, we will be on our chit chat A-game. We’re going to meet every single person that attends SSMF, shake their hand or hug them, and then quiz ourselves on all their names. The whole thing will last days beyond the actual festival.

Shot of Jack or Bottle of Bud?
MS: Shot of Jack. Not for drinking, but for sanitizing our hands/faces after a day of hanging with the street punks on the Strip.

Join Matt and the rest of the guys in The Active Set at The Roxy During SSMF This Saturday!