Chromeo Afterparty and Live DJ Set

Straight after the sold out Key Club show, we can’t wait to welcome the CHROMEO afterparty and DJ set. Thanks to our friends at Dim Mak for always bringing the party!
Tickets onsale now thru the Roxy box office, and ticketmaster now!

Chromeo Afterparty + DJ Set 1/22

Crytsal Castles Gets Some MTV Love

Crystal Castles Live at The Roxy
We’re still recovering from the Crytsal Castles mania – and apparently MTV is too!
Check out the review of the show!

Laws of economics (stay with me here) state that scarcity creates value, and Crystal Castles’ anonymity as the anti-rockstars only made me desperately want to know everything about them. You’ll be hard-pressed to find clear photos of either member, they shoot down any suggestions of fame, and they always understate their own popularity.

But on the other hand, they did add another Roxy show two nights later due to overwhelming demand, and they are also the newest group to enter the ring up against the big record labels. You can find a full quality, fully tagged and fully free mp3 of “Crimewave” for download on Nine Inch Nails’ Web site. After my encounter with Crystal Castles, it’s clear that they’re a shining example of a band that is truly in it for the music. Expect much more from Crystal Castles in the upcoming months, because whether they like it or not, they’re going to be huge.


Over the last couple weeks we have been spoiled by Dim Mak and Company. A MSTRKRFT video shoot with with Nore, LA Riots, Felix Cartal, Lazaro Casanova and Steve Aoki. Couple days later Aoki Played The Elements of Life Benefit. Then Crystal Castles came in and basically took over the club. Every email, comment and phone call we received over the last week was about them. So many that we were forced to add a Friday Midnight performance. Both shows were completely sold out. We can’t wait to have them back. It felt as we are starting to witness a change in the music scene and we love it. Check out some of the vids and pics the captured the fun over the last month.
Thanks to the guys at Club Soda Media, Darren Kim and Erik Voake for the pics.

MSTRKRFT Video Shoot



Steve Aoki at Elements of Life Benefit

Crystal Castles at The Roxy


Crystal Castles Voting Time

We have received some really great entries from all you die hards looking for some VIP treatment! The show of course, is tonight so vote vote vote! Poll’s will close at 5pm so stay tuned! Click the contest tab for all the info! And as a reminder, the grand prize is prettttyyyyy sweet! We’de like to thank the Dim Mak folks for helping us rock out this 2nd show and contributing some pretty sweet shwag.

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Whoa Crystal Castles At The Roxy

I think the only thing left to say…is see you tomorrow at our MIDNIGHT Crystal Castles show!! Last night was a crazy night…a packed show, insane energy, and one of the hottest bands on stage – we can’t wait to do it again! Also, stay tuned as we post some of our favorite contest entries- almost time to get your vote on! And if you haven’t submitted yet, what are you waiting for!
As always, thanks to our house photog Erik Voake for capturing the moment

Crystal Castles 6/11

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Crystal Castles Craziness

Crystal Castles is getting ready to take over the Roxy and we’re very excited! They are kicking off the first sold out show tonight – and we were happy to announce earlier in the week that a SECOND show had been added for Friday. We can’t encourage you enough to get tickets SOON – thru the box office at 310 278 9457. Also, so far we’re gotten some amazing contest entries – and remember, the lucky winners will really do it up in style at Friday’s show (check out the details here)! Show us what you’ve got!

Second Crystal Castles Show Added


Photo by i’m the superficial
For all of you who called us crying and begging for tickets…your dignity has been restored. A SECOND Crystal Castles show has been added at MIDNIGHT on Friday 6/13 – brought to you by our friends at HARD and DIM MAK! It’s going to be amazing… obviously. So try not to be so slow, and get your tickets FAST. For now, tickets will only be available thru the Roxy box office, so call us soon and join the party. You can reach us at 310 278 9457! See you then!

Crystal Castles Comeback

We were just as bummed as you all were when the original Crystal Castles show was postponed – but we can’t be happier to have them here June 11th. They have DJ’d their way into our hearts and we know this show is going to be amazing. Obviously you know that too, as the show is sold out. And a reminder, if you held on to your original tickets from March – we can’t wait to see you! Those tickets will be carried over, no problemo.

10 Shots From The Top

Now that we have started our own Flickr group, The Roxy Theatre, anyone can add their photos taken at The Roxy or On The Rox to share with the world. So far we have received over 1500 photos from over 100 members. At the beginning of each month we will post our favorites in our “Shots From The Top” post. Keep shooting and post often, thanks to all who contributed.

Money Mark at Chavo’s Birthday Jam Session with Rza, West Coast Wu Tang, John Frusciante of RHCP and John Dolmayan of SOAD
Chavo's Birthday Jam with Rza and Friends at The Roxy
Photo by Erik Voake
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A Crystal Castles Experience

Fresh on the heals of another amazing Dim Mak party (with DJ AM/ Steve Aoki/A-Trak) we are excited to be able to look forward to another rad party! So mark on your calendar (or use the ever trusty iCal) for March 9th – when we have hot new artists Crystal Castles and Health. Dim Mak really knows how to bring out the cool kids and cutting edge DJ talent (Crystal Castles debut album hit March 18). Tickets are available thru our box office and thru ticketmaster. See you there!

Crystal Castles 3/9


If we could have magically been two places at once on NYE we definitely would have been downtown checking out MSTRKRFT – no doubt, spinning the hottest tracks on the planet. So, we couldnt be more excited to start off ’08 with another Dim Mak/
BPM party featuring none other than MSTRKRFT….but it doesnt stop there….also spinning will be, ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD, AOKI & MORE. This, as always will be an RSVP event…which will undoubtedly fill up super fast. Check out a clip of the last MSTRKRFT performance…complete with laser show. What else would you expect?

Fool’s Gold Tour 2007!

The Roxy is excited to announce that we are hosting the LA date of the FOOLS GOLD TOUR 2007 October 19th, 2007. Kid Sister, A-Trak, DJ Mehdi, Kavinsky, Cool Kids, Nick Catchdubs, and more!

Tickets are NOW ON SALE!

Born in a Dream

Foreign Born

Difficult to pigeonhole yet instantly recognizable, Los Angeles-based Foreign Born vexes indie taxonomists like hardcore porn does Supreme Court justices, leaving critics to play the Potter Stewart “I know it when I see it” card rather than enumerate the requisites. In the Remote Woods is too fidgety for shoegazer, too upbeat for dour post-punk, and too varied for indie pop. Nevertheless, Foreign Born evoke all the familiar touchstones, stitching together Slowdive and the Stone Roses with newer benchmarks the Walkmen and Arcade Fire while carving their own niche alongside those artists.

Foreign Born hit The Roxy on Septemter 5, 2007, with Gran Ronde and A Shoreline Dream.
Tickets are available now!

A Shoreline Dream – “Love Is A Ghost In America”

The Remedy For Your Deadly Syndrome…

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The Deadly Syndrome: a bio in two parts

Part One, “The Truth”
Four young gentlemen were born to 8 parents. One from New York, One from Louisiana, and the rest from California. Through a series of fortunate events (broken bones, concussions, divorces, successful marriages, siblings, fishing trips, and dreams), the boys all found their way to Los Angeles. The California boys had already known each other from University, and moved there together. The New Yorker moved because it was time to move, and the New Orleanite, moved because of the weather. Then through jobs, and girlfriends the fellows came to realize that they wanted to do something more with their hands, so they built bridges, and verses, and pre-choruses. The 4 guys are now The Deadly Syndrome, where all have a hand in writing the music.

Part Two, “The Lie”
One of them is a liar.

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so i know that there’s no point in living in the past, but there are some things that you just can’t help but talking about, and for me right now that’s the show with MSTRKRFT and steve aoki on wednesday night. for me, probably the best show i’ve seen at the roxy in my nearly two years here. the vibe in the room was unmatchable – everyone was dancing to the beat and rocking out like i’ve never seen it. if you aren’t familiar with mstrkrft, check ’em out –, you won’t be disappointed. i can’t wait to get these guys back here for another amazing night. i snagged some pictures from lastnightsparty.
mstrkrft at the roxy theatre 5/16/07
mstrkrft at the roxy theatre 5/16/07

Joseph Arthur, Stars of Track and Field, two nights at The Roxy? YES!!

Joseph Arthur Stars of Track and Field The Roxy Theatre Presents Joseph Arthur and The Lonely Astronauts with Stars of Track and Field at The Roxy. This Tuesday May 8th and Wednesday May 9th. Tickets on sale now thru The Roxy box office 10:30a-5:30p M-F or thru Ticketmaster any time.

the first time I saw Joseph Arthur I levitated. Was about 1/2 an inch off the ground for about an hour. Dark Corner. Jack n Coke. Was flying solo as there was not room for even one more at Largo that night… An artist not to be missed and a show I’ll never forget. No need to say, it’s an honor to have Joseph Arthur for a 2 night run at The Roxy.

from Megan’s Not To Be Missed List

Billboard Magazine says, “a mature effort that shines with nakedness and clarity”

Entertainment Weekly says, “With images of needles, blood, and pills, Daydream’s song cycle moves through each breakup station of the cross with shimmering guitars and Arthur’s ecstatically woozy falsetto, finally emerging with a sweet, if hard-won hope. A -”

Vanity Fair says, “Joseph Arthur’s Nuclear Daydream is a glorious work of art from this exceptional, romantic singer-songwriter.”

Seattle Times says, “The New York artist is a spiritual descendant of Bob Dylan and John Lennon.”

CMJ says, “…his most beautiful.”

Paste Magazine says, “… endlessly ponderable and disturbingly beautiful.”

Reviews of Joseph Arthur’s Latest work Nuclear Daydream from Joseph
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