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Talib Kweli and Friends Get Ready To Take Over

Tonight will be one for the books…the ever talented Talib Kweli (1/3 of Idle Warship – along with Res and Graph Noble) is doing double duty as he plays early and late. Make sure you check out both shows as they are both killer lineups. The second show goes into the wee hours of the morn – so get ready for some red bull. Click here for IDLE WARSHIP tickets, and here for LATE NIGHT!

Idle Warship 1/16/08

Post Sounds Tribe 1/16 & 1/17

Hyper and Hank

TWO great shows going onsale today!! And both shows rank high as far as “fan favorites” go. We have no doubt that both of these shows will sell out super fast (as they always do) – so get them now! Please call us for tickets – or head over to ticketmaster (tickets go onsale at 11am).

Check out Hank III at another Roxy show!
Youtube Credit:murderjunkie216

$12 adv/$15 day of show
Youtube Credit: hypercrush

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

We’re pretty stoked Millionaires are coming to rock next week – and we hear you are too. So to help you do it up in style – we’ve created a little contest! It’s been a while, and we miss seeing all your pretty faces. This contest is quite simple – it’s no secret that the Millionaires have killer style (check out their myspace for some hints) – think hats, bling, neon, gold teeth, etc. All you have to do, is take a picture of yourself alone or with some pals – rocking the Millionaires style. In return, we’ll reward you with a pair of tickets, a round of drinks, and some VIP treatment. Got it? Submission deadline is 10/21/08!

Gotta Love The Ting Tings

Special thanks to the Ting Tings for a special shout out at the Santogold show at The Wiltern last night. Our very own Megan J was in the house checking it out – it seems like only yesterday the TING TINGS were rockin’ ON THE ROX.

(Check out the video below at around 5:20)
Thanks to katslag for the youtube vid

Happy Birthday To Us

It’s a pretty fabulous week here at The Roxy as we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the club! Through the years, we’ve opened our doors to the ordinary and the extraordinary. From legendary tours from Springsteen to the Jonas Brothers – comedy runs from Cheech and Chong to Russell Brand – and stage productions from Rocky Horror Picture Show to Hedwig and the Angry Inch – we’ve seen it all! Theirs to many bands and artists, crew members, team mates, and wise ones to thank – but know that we are so thankful for all the wonderful people who have graced our stage both in front and behind the curtain over the years. We all have so many epic stories and tales and are working hard everyday to create more memories. Feel free to talk about your favorite show, most amazing experience, or re-count those nights that you can’t – quite – remember – we are proud to admit, we have plenty of those too! Here’s to another 35!

The Roxy Theatre - Sunset Blvd looking east

Hyper Crushin

Some of the coolest dance tunes in town, HyperCrush is stopping in to show the Roxy some love and we are ready to bust out the neon and raybans for a night of shakin’ it. Paired with our friends at MetroMix and the lovely Sicky Dicky crew – we can’t wait for Saturday! Click here for tickets and make sure to come early to check out the full lineup!
Luka and Casey
Ultraviolet Sound
Electric Valentine
Da Crown

HyperCrush 9/27

Some Serious VMA Love For The Roxy

It’s already super cool that our homie Russell Brand is tagged as the host of this years Video Music Awards (check out his live comedy show here this Sunday!) – his residency couldn’t have been more fun, and he was such a cool guy to have around! Now, our OTHER killer residency o’ the summer (which concludes tonight!) TRV$DJ-AM is this year’s house band of the VMA’s. Add those, with a couple nominations for our Shwayze boys – and you’ve got quite the night.
Check out this snippet from the LA TIMES

The duo — a kind of beat-driven version of the revolving-door rock collective Camp Freddy that already has hosted such high-profile guest stars as Paul Wall and Warren G — will perform its third of three sold-out shows at West Hollywood’s Roxy Theatre tonight before going on to serve as house band for the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 7.

10 Shots From The Top

June Boom! The Sunset Strip was on fire this month. SSMF, Crystal Castles sold-out midnight show, TRVS+DJAM w/ Too Short and (last but not least)the return of Shuvel, all made June a hit. Coming off of May, we worried if we would be able to keep the great photos coming. We were not dissapointed. Great job everyone! A Special “what up!” goes out imnotuna, Never Cool in School, totallylikeduh! and letsflyawaythistime, all who are contributing members of The Roxy Theatre Flickr Group. Nice work, keep it coming. If you want to shoot at The Roxy contact us at theroxy@mac.om and we will try to accommodate you the best we can. Thanks again to everyone who added over 1000 shots to the group this month. Hit us with your best shot! Fire Away!!!

Pop Noir

Pop Noir 6.06.08
Photo by Genie Sanchez

Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit #11

Photo by Leslie Kalohi

The Wombats

the wombats

Photo by Una Zipagan

The Last Goodnight

Kurtis John - The Last Goodnight

Photo by Kevin Blades

Crystal Castles

crystal castles

Photo by Wei


Shuvel Live at The Roxy

Photo by Erik Voake

LA Riots at MSTRKFRT Video Shoot

MSTRKRFT Video Shoot for "Bounce" at The Roxy.

Photo by Manny Adler

The Shys

The Shys

Photo by Una Zipagan



Photo by Erik Voake



Photo by Ashlie Waters

Crytsal Castles Gets Some MTV Love

Crystal Castles Live at The Roxy
We’re still recovering from the Crytsal Castles mania – and apparently MTV is too!
Check out the review of the show!

Laws of economics (stay with me here) state that scarcity creates value, and Crystal Castles’ anonymity as the anti-rockstars only made me desperately want to know everything about them. You’ll be hard-pressed to find clear photos of either member, they shoot down any suggestions of fame, and they always understate their own popularity.

But on the other hand, they did add another Roxy show two nights later due to overwhelming demand, and they are also the newest group to enter the ring up against the big record labels. You can find a full quality, fully tagged and fully free mp3 of “Crimewave” for download on Nine Inch Nails’ Web site. After my encounter with Crystal Castles, it’s clear that they’re a shining example of a band that is truly in it for the music. Expect much more from Crystal Castles in the upcoming months, because whether they like it or not, they’re going to be huge.


Over the last couple weeks we have been spoiled by Dim Mak and Company. A MSTRKRFT video shoot with with Nore, LA Riots, Felix Cartal, Lazaro Casanova and Steve Aoki. Couple days later Aoki Played The Elements of Life Benefit. Then Crystal Castles came in and basically took over the club. Every email, comment and phone call we received over the last week was about them. So many that we were forced to add a Friday Midnight performance. Both shows were completely sold out. We can’t wait to have them back. It felt as we are starting to witness a change in the music scene and we love it. Check out some of the vids and pics the captured the fun over the last month.
Thanks to the guys at Club Soda Media, Darren Kim and Erik Voake for the pics.

MSTRKRFT Video Shoot



Steve Aoki at Elements of Life Benefit

Crystal Castles at The Roxy


Crystal Castles Voting Time

We have received some really great entries from all you die hards looking for some VIP treatment! The show of course, is tonight so vote vote vote! Poll’s will close at 5pm so stay tuned! Click the contest tab for all the info! And as a reminder, the grand prize is prettttyyyyy sweet! We’de like to thank the Dim Mak folks for helping us rock out this 2nd show and contributing some pretty sweet shwag.

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Crystal Castles Craziness

Crystal Castles is getting ready to take over the Roxy and we’re very excited! They are kicking off the first sold out show tonight – and we were happy to announce earlier in the week that a SECOND show had been added for Friday. We can’t encourage you enough to get tickets SOON – thru the box office at 310 278 9457. Also, so far we’re gotten some amazing contest entries – and remember, the lucky winners will really do it up in style at Friday’s show (check out the details here)! Show us what you’ve got!

June Boom

Our wonderful month of Mayhem with Camp Freddy has really set a high standard for future residency’s to come. And we’re pretty sure the Hybrid machine that is Travis Barker live on drums and DJ AM spinning the night away…is pretty much perfection. We’re happy to have them on the last Wednesday of JUNE, JULY, AND AUGUST. That’s June 25, July 30, and August 27 for all of you without your handy ical. So come join us – tickets can be found on ticketmaster by clicking here and as always 310 278 9457 to call us directly for tickets.

How cool does this look?

Second Crystal Castles Show Added


Photo by i’m the superficial
For all of you who called us crying and begging for tickets…your dignity has been restored. A SECOND Crystal Castles show has been added at MIDNIGHT on Friday 6/13 – brought to you by our friends at HARD and DIM MAK! It’s going to be amazing… obviously. So try not to be so slow, and get your tickets FAST. For now, tickets will only be available thru the Roxy box office, so call us soon and join the party. You can reach us at 310 278 9457! See you then!

Crystal Castles Comeback

We were just as bummed as you all were when the original Crystal Castles show was postponed – but we can’t be happier to have them here June 11th. They have DJ’d their way into our hearts and we know this show is going to be amazing. Obviously you know that too, as the show is sold out. And a reminder, if you held on to your original tickets from March – we can’t wait to see you! Those tickets will be carried over, no problemo.

10 Shots From The Top

Now that we have started our own Flickr group, The Roxy Theatre, anyone can add their photos taken at The Roxy or On The Rox to share with the world. So far we have received over 1500 photos from over 100 members. At the beginning of each month we will post our favorites in our “Shots From The Top” post. Keep shooting and post often, thanks to all who contributed.

Money Mark at Chavo’s Birthday Jam Session with Rza, West Coast Wu Tang, John Frusciante of RHCP and John Dolmayan of SOAD
Chavo's Birthday Jam with Rza and Friends at The Roxy
Photo by Erik Voake
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