Tower of Protest to Return to The Sunset Strip

In 1966, the United States was a turbulent state and The Sunset Strip was right at the middle of the Los Angeles counterculture movement. There were protests of the Vietnam War, fights for civil rights, and youth culture was influencing the world in a whole new way. A Los Angeles group of artists collaborated with famed sculptor Mark D Suvero to build “The Artists’ Tower of Protest” as a sign of their opposition to the Vietnam War and a plea for peace and love.

Flash to 2012 and the United States is in a very similar state. Opinions are divided on war, politics, and we’re fighting yet another civil rights battle. As part of the Pacific Standard Time project currently happening in Los Angles, a new Tower of Protest is to be built on The Sunset Strip. This is a monumental time in Los Angeles history and an even better time to focus on the art happening here and now.

The new Peace Tower is set to be created at the James Lot across the street from The Roxy and there is an open call for artist participation. LAxART invites artists to create their own 2′ x 2′ panel to express their individual opposition to the way things are today. Each panel must be no thicker than 3/4″, waterproof and grommet holes must be present in each corner to install. Email if you play to participate and you must have your panel to LAxART by January 13.

For more information visit LAxART.

“Tower of Protest” is brought to you by LAxART, The Getty, and The City of West Hollywood.