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Because Everyone Else Is Doing It

Sometimes I’m against “Best Of” lists. Mostly because I never agree with them…so to remedy that – Team Roxy have created our own version of what we thought the highlights of ’08 were. Scanning thru the ’08 Roxy calendar – it was hard to narrow it down (which is a good thing)!
For the record – this started as a TOP 5…but some people *cough* Meg and Heath couldn’t make up their mind. Let us know what your favorite Roxy shows were! Thanks to everyone who contributed to making the year a success – from MYSPACE, to DIM MAK, and everyone in between. Viva 2009!


Crystal Castles
Zappa Plays Zappa

Megan J:

Little Dragon
Foxboro Hottubs
Duke Spirit
Dolly Parton
Hot Hot Heat


Jonas Brothers
Foxboro Hottubs
Hot Hot Heat
Dolly Parton
Camp Freddy


Dolly Parton
Raphael Saadiq w/ Janelle Monae
Russell Brand
Marc Broussard w/ Matt Hires
Tokio Hotel

A Little Buzz

Hot off of Warped Tour, their own MTV show, and the album of the summer – SHWAYZE is coming back home and tickets go onsale today!! Also, make sure to check out FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND (also onsale today) and the sweet sounds of Al Dimeola’s World Sinfonia Tour – hot hot hot! Head over to ticketmaster for tix, or give us a holler.

LA Weekly 10/23

Sionara Snot

The Snot boys are leaving for tour today…and we already miss them!!! They are probably coming to a town near you very soon – so check out the dates below and plan accordingly It’s been 10 years since they’ve been on the road…and after last weeks Key Club show, it’s clear that Tommy Vext is a perfect match for the well oiled SNOT machine. Have fun and be careful!

Snot Tour

Happy Rock N Roll Friday

Some of our most favorite Roxy moments have been created by the band “Clutch”…and while, this time around it’s not exactly Clutch per se…we fully support any side projects that might arise from their genius brains. With that being said, join us for THE BAKERTON GROUP and celebrate that you survived another work week. Hooray!
youtube credit:


Bad News Bears For Dirty Heads Fans

Due to an illness in the band, we’re sad to say that the DIRTY HEADS can’t play tonight. Feel better guys and we’ll make sure to have a drink in your honor. Good thing the rest of the crew is still ready to rock – see you all tonight for ANDRE LEGACY, DIRT NASTY, BEARDO and SPECIAL GUESTS!

Andre Legacy/Dirt Nasty

Poets and Pornstars Return

We were just as sad as you when we found out the Poets crew was taking a break, and while it seems like its been forever – they are finally back!! Come join us for the return of Poets and Pornstars – lets show ’em how much they’ve been missed! The show is TONIGHT – give us a holler for tickets! (310 278 9457)

The Roxy Touch

Always cool to see of our favorite Roxy bands doing well on the charts! Even more exciting that currently on the ITUNES TOP ALBUMS, their are quite a few of our favs! From Nas‘ hot new album, The Camp Rock soundtrack with Demi Lovato (both in the top 15) to Metrostation, Sara Bareilles, Colbie Caillet, 3Oh!3, OneRepublic, and newcomer Justin Nozuka – happy to have had all these artists rock our stage!
Check out a NAS live at The Roxy
Credit: Buzzcuts

Colbie Caillet live at The Roxy
Credit: shoestringconcerts on YouTube

OneRepublic live at The Roxy
Credit:marinki04 on YouTube

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday all! We have some shows on the books right now, that will please a plethora of musical tastes and we wanted to give you a heads up of whats going on sale today. From rock to reggae – it’s all there! As always, feel free to call us for tickets (310 278 9457) or click here for tickets to all the following shows- and then some.

<p align="center"DWELE




10 Shots From The Top

June Boom! The Sunset Strip was on fire this month. SSMF, Crystal Castles sold-out midnight show, TRVS+DJAM w/ Too Short and (last but not least)the return of Shuvel, all made June a hit. Coming off of May, we worried if we would be able to keep the great photos coming. We were not dissapointed. Great job everyone! A Special “what up!” goes out imnotuna, Never Cool in School, totallylikeduh! and letsflyawaythistime, all who are contributing members of The Roxy Theatre Flickr Group. Nice work, keep it coming. If you want to shoot at The Roxy contact us at theroxy@mac.om and we will try to accommodate you the best we can. Thanks again to everyone who added over 1000 shots to the group this month. Hit us with your best shot! Fire Away!!!

Pop Noir

Pop Noir 6.06.08
Photo by Genie Sanchez

Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit #11

Photo by Leslie Kalohi

The Wombats

the wombats

Photo by Una Zipagan

The Last Goodnight

Kurtis John - The Last Goodnight

Photo by Kevin Blades

Crystal Castles

crystal castles

Photo by Wei


Shuvel Live at The Roxy

Photo by Erik Voake

LA Riots at MSTRKFRT Video Shoot

MSTRKRFT Video Shoot for "Bounce" at The Roxy.

Photo by Manny Adler

The Shys

The Shys

Photo by Una Zipagan



Photo by Erik Voake



Photo by Ashlie Waters

Did You Know SSMF Addition

I was inspired by Nic’s frequent “Did You Know” on twitter – so on the heals of the SSMF fest – check out these sweet little facts about the stars of our shows!

JUNE 27, 2008
Tickets HERE!

1) Hot Hot Heat – Did You Know?

– The band cites The Clash and Elvis Costello as main influences.

– Before HHH formed, lead man Steve toured with Roxy fav IMA ROBOT

2) The Shys – Did You Know?

– They used to be called “The Gun Shys”

– Jack White, The Beatles, and Johnny Cash are major influences.

3) The Deadly Syndrome – Did You Know?

– Conveniently, they are one of Steve from HHH’s favorite bands!

– Signed to Dim Mak records, headed by our pal Steve Aoki…who of
course has brought us some pretty rad shows, like MSTRKRFT

JUNE 28, 2008
Tickets HERE!

1) The 88- Did You Know?

– Prime time favorites! The 88 has had tracks appear on How I Me Your Mother, The OC, One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy, You Me And Dupree, and commercials for both Target and Sears.

-How’d they get their name? “88 keys on the piano….88 constellations in the sky….the infinity sign….the most auspicious number in China….88 mph to get Back To The Future…88 cities in Los Angeles…a great French Kicks song. Welcome to the world of The 88.”

2) Derby -Did You Know?

-From Portland, OR – hope they’re ready for the LA sun!

-In 2005 alone, they shared the stage with – Decemberists, Cake, Magic Numbers, British Sea Power, the Posies, the Minus Five, Robyn Hitchcock, Robbers on High Street, Youth Group, Stars of Track & Field, Violent Femmes, Imperial Teen, Badly Drawn Boy, and Rogue Wave,

3) Satisfaction– Did You Know?
– Last year, we fell in love with this band when they opened for ROONEY during one of their shows during the Roxy residency.

-Some of their favorite bands: Blonde Redhead, The Like, Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, My Morning Jacket & Scissor Sisters.

See you all at the Festival!

SSMF Lineup

The Whos and Whens of the SSMF

We can’t believe the first annual SSMF is next week!! Their’s been so much exciting preparation for the event…and we can’t wait to show you the Strip again, for the first time. All the Clubs really raised the bar with the talent, it’s one of those things where you want to be 100 places at once. To help you plan out your evenings, check out the lineup and times below. Also, click here to find tickets for all the events.

SSMF Lineup

Travis Barker and DJ AM Get Ready To Conquer

If their ever was a hybrid all-star team…superstar DJ, DJ AM and epic drummer Travis Barker who have joined to collectively become TRVSDJ-AM – are IT. Everyone is taking notice of the brewing residency, including the LA Times. Come check it out – tickets here or 310 278 9457.

“The star turntablist and the former Blink-182 drummer have been doing their scratch ‘n’ bash for few years now, popping up at clubs around the country and attracting guest turns from the likes of Too $hort, Paul Wall, Fabolous and Lil’ Jon. L.A. being their home base, they’re expecting the roster of drop-ins to expand considerably.

DJ AM is tight-lipped on their identities, but says he’s expecting some “beyond-legends that I’m amazed I’m going to get to share the stage with…. We both have a lot of friends who are musicians who are gonna be around, so we’re just gonna kind of wing it and see how it goes. Whoever comes, just put ‘em on blast, basically, and throw ‘em onstage.”

Hurtin For Some Hard Rock

Sometimes your just in the mood for something a littllllleeee harder. If that’s the case, we’ve got the show for you! Balanced out by the likes of CAGE9, DEPSWA, and newly added OEDIPUSHURT is definitely read to rock with some solid company. Tickets on sale now, thru ticketmaster and the Roxy Box office (310 278 9457).

Hurt 6/21

Crytsal Castles Gets Some MTV Love

Crystal Castles Live at The Roxy
We’re still recovering from the Crytsal Castles mania – and apparently MTV is too!
Check out the review of the show!

Laws of economics (stay with me here) state that scarcity creates value, and Crystal Castles’ anonymity as the anti-rockstars only made me desperately want to know everything about them. You’ll be hard-pressed to find clear photos of either member, they shoot down any suggestions of fame, and they always understate their own popularity.

But on the other hand, they did add another Roxy show two nights later due to overwhelming demand, and they are also the newest group to enter the ring up against the big record labels. You can find a full quality, fully tagged and fully free mp3 of “Crimewave” for download on Nine Inch Nails’ Web site. After my encounter with Crystal Castles, it’s clear that they’re a shining example of a band that is truly in it for the music. Expect much more from Crystal Castles in the upcoming months, because whether they like it or not, they’re going to be huge.

Crystal Castles Voting Time

We have received some really great entries from all you die hards looking for some VIP treatment! The show of course, is tonight so vote vote vote! Poll’s will close at 5pm so stay tuned! Click the contest tab for all the info! And as a reminder, the grand prize is prettttyyyyy sweet! We’de like to thank the Dim Mak folks for helping us rock out this 2nd show and contributing some pretty sweet shwag.

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Hot New Shows

Happy Thursday! This is my favorite day of the week because I get to let you know of some great shows that are going onsale today! It’s been a while since FILTER has played and from what we hear, you guys want them bad! The phone’s have been ringing off the hook…and I’ve been getting bombarded with messages – and now I can let you know that the show is onsale TODAY! We can’t be happier that they picked The Roxy for their LA appearance. Click here for Filter on ticketmaster. Then, we have JAMES HALL going onsale today as well. Rumor has it, he will have a very very special guest that we can’t wait to announce. It’s been a while since James has been on our stage…and its going to be a very happy reunion! Click here for ticketmaster or call 310 278 9457 for either show!

James Hall


10 Shots From The Top

This month will be hard to beat. With so many legendary artists gracing The Roxy stage, it was very hard to find just 10. Camp Freddy had by far the most added to the group, mostly do to having 5 shows this month and a lot of amazing trigger happy photographers. Russell Brand also had many to choose from but i felt this one had special meaning because our own sound guy lee was in the mix. My personal favorite picture, not just because it’s so awesome, but that the Foxboro Hot Tubs was my favorite show in a long time. Again a huge thank you for all who added your pictures to The Roxy Theatre Group on flickr. We now have over 2500 photos and 120 members in just over a month. Keep it coming, Click click!

Foxboro Hot Tubs

Foxboro Hot Tubs Live at The Roxy


Teitur @ The Roxy

Photo by Matthias Arni Ingimarssn

Juliet Lewis performing with Camp Freddy

Camp Freddy Live at The Roxy

Photo by Nate Christenson

Billy Idol performing with Camp Freddy
Camp Freddy Live at The Roxy

Photo by Nate Christenson
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Farewell To Freddy

The month of Camp Freddy Mayhem has become this Rock N Roll machine that has been the talk of the town! It’s taken over like no one could have ever imagined. It started off great as we were so excited to be able to hold one of our Roxy contests to find the lucky openers – which allowed local bands to actually warm up the stage for Freddy. What a great opportunity. And now, we’ve had FIVE sold out shows – countless special guests – and killer set lists. Over the past 4 weeks, we’ve seen Tommy Lee, Terry Nunn, Chester of Linkin Park, Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Chino of the Deftones, Jerry Cantrell, Lemmy Kilmister, B-Real and Sen Dog, Tiffany, Metal Skool, Cory from Slipknot/Stone Sour, Tom Morrello as well as our house favorite Mark McGrath – to name a few! On top of the Sex Pistols Paul Cook, Glen Matlock and Steve Jones and GnR legends Duff and Slash! Insanity. We hate to rub it in, because the Freddy Finale tonight is of course sold out – but for the lucky, this show will take the cake! Every Thursday the chaos starts early – so make sure you stay tuned as Nic and I twitter the day away. We’ll keep you updated as always, on all the nitty gritty secrets. Thanks to all the guests and the guys – as well as the fans who have made the Roxy their nightlife staple for the month. We hope to see you all soon.

Thursday is the New Friday

Happy Thursday everyone! Today is the day a couple rad shows go on sale – and as always, we don’t want you to miss out. So, please – enjoy the fact that this week is almost over, and that all this happy little info is in one place. Also, TOMORROW (Friday) we also have a show going on sale and this one will sell out fast – so this is your heads up. HOT HOT HEAT will go onsale tomorrow!! Don’t forget. Click here for tickets! PS See you all at Camp Freddy tonight!
Hot Hot Heat (tomorrow)

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10 Shots From The Top

Now that we have started our own Flickr group, The Roxy Theatre, anyone can add their photos taken at The Roxy or On The Rox to share with the world. So far we have received over 1500 photos from over 100 members. At the beginning of each month we will post our favorites in our “Shots From The Top” post. Keep shooting and post often, thanks to all who contributed.

Money Mark at Chavo’s Birthday Jam Session with Rza, West Coast Wu Tang, John Frusciante of RHCP and John Dolmayan of SOAD
Chavo's Birthday Jam with Rza and Friends at The Roxy
Photo by Erik Voake
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